Scientific Bodies


As the leading organization that promotes Astronomy as a field of study in the Philippines, scientific bodies were created within the society to foster the development of specialized fields.


Scientific Divisions

  1. Division on Sun & Heliosphere
  2. Division on Astronomy Education & Development


Division on Sun & Heliosphere

The sun is the nearest star to our planet and responsible for sustaining life on earth.

Director : James Kevin Ty

Scientific Adviser : Fr. Daniel J. McNamara, SJ, PhD - Assistant Director for Research, Manila Observatory

A. Commission on Solar Activity

Sunspot data are submitted to the society through the Commission on Solar Activity. Observers use relatively small telescopes in monitoring daily sunspot activity, either through projection or direct observation method. Data from observers are then used to calculate for the daily Philippine Sunspot Numbers (Wolf Number) and Group Sunspot Numbers.

Chair : Raymund John Ang

B. Commission on Eclipses

Eclipses happen when either the moon or the earth lies between the path of the sunlight. When the moon is in front of the earth, covering the sun, it is called a solar eclipse. When the earth is between the moon and the sun, such that the earth casts its shadow on the moon, it is known as a lunar eclipse.

Chair : James Kevin Ty


Division on Astronomy Education & Development

The society is strongly engaged in both formal education and outreach programs through partnership with academic institutions and agencies.

Director : Dr. Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres - Chair, Department of Astronomy, Rizal Technological University


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