ALP September 6, 2009 Meeting Report
by Henry So


Last September 6, 2009 , ALP held its monthly meeting at Manila Planetarium. The meeting started on time at 3pm. ALP member how where there are Angie Tan, Henry So, Bel Pabunan, Vincent Lao, Doc Armando Lee with wife Mia and son, Desiree Del Rosario, Aran Lester, Lou Balayan, Prof. Miguel C Cano with students Emmanuel Codillo, Gio Elegado, Lance Co and Ralph Ugalino.

Dr. Lee prepares his lecture while members waited.

Dr. Lee lectured on 3 topics on the Sun

The meeting was started by welcoming Prof. Cano and the students and by introducing everyone followed by Doc. Lee’s lecture about the Sun, which he divide the topic into three,  1)The Sun ruler of the solar system. 2) Solar is Nuclear. 3) Anatomy of the Sun. The lecture lasted more than an hour. After the lecture, Henry followed it up by informing the group about the upcoming annual moon cake dice game which will be help on Oct 4, 2009.

 The meeting ended at around 5pm.


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