ALP 2008 Christmas Party/Election Report
by James Kevin Ty


Last December 14, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held their Christmas party / election  at the Manila Planetarium at around 3:30pm. Members who were present were James Kevin Ty , wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole (KC) Ty, Dr. Jett Aguilar, Dr. Armando Lee , wife Mia and son Jason Lee,  Alfonso Uy, Rich Pijuan, Elena Moya, Jomar Lacson, Alexander Loinaz, Dante Noche and wife Rosie, Alfonso Sy, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Brian Davis, Angie Tan, Melisa Bata, Henry So, Vincent Lao, Andrew Ian Chan, Bel Pabunan, Tommy Tan and friend Jeremy James Tan, Hernando Bautista, Edgar Ang, Aran Lester Rueda and friend Alexander Mariano , Lea Visaya , Sheri Mae Domingo and boyfriend Daniel Coquinco, and newest member Valorie Camarao.

ALP director Brian Davis also brought along his 127mm ED refractor on Atlas EQ-6 mount to share the night sky later with members while directors Melisa Bata and Angie Tan help out in the registration, membership renewals while Treasurer Henry So and Melisa Bata handle the election proceedings.  For the year 2009, 5 of the current 13 directors are up for reelection and they were ALP president James Kevin Ty, ALP membership chairperson Angie Tan, ALP PRO Rich Pijuan, ALP Secretary Alice Villa-Real and director Jomar Lacson.  ALPer Edgar Ang is the lone new nominee to run against the mentioned directors.

Prior to start of main program, ALPers renew their annual dues as well as cast their votes for their favorite 5 directors.  ALP 5th year anniversary souvenir program book were also released to members who haven't gotten their copies yet. Then, ALP Ways and Means Chair Melisa Bata leads the opening prayer and ALP Membership Chair Angie Tan whom acted as the emcee as well as game host, announced the night's activities.

ALP Membership Chair Angie Tan was the emcee and game host for the night

ALP Ways and Means Chair Melisa Bata leads the opening prayer.

As ALPers listen to the program proper, ALPer Andrew Chan (one in the middle with white shirt) seems like talking to his stomach to have a little patience as chowtime is a few minutes away :) LOL

Tommy Tan (left) : Whooo!  Let the Games Begin!!!!

For this year, the annual exchange gift routine was replaced by 3 fund raising projects for our society's own LCD projector.  They were:

1) Cash for Trash -   ALPers bring along their old (working or non-working) electronic equipment such as CPU, printers, office chairs & tables, scanners, laptops, etc to trade in for small amount of cash which HMR represented by ALPer Elena Moya will pay members corresponding trade-in equivalent.  Members can opt to give the entire amount or in part to the society for its LCD projector fund raising Program.

2) Fund Raising through voluntary donations/pledges - a pledge box will be passed around that evening for members to give voluntary donations of any amount to help raise the fund.

3) Sale Your Wares - members can bring items such as books, eyepieces, etc to sell to members and they can either donate the entire amount or in part to the fund.

Some of the games played that evening were:



Search around the ground with scattered yarns, group mates PICK  as much yarns, tie them each in a knot… the group who makes the longest line wins the game #1.  Score 20 points, participation of all member +5 points

ALPers helped each other out in trying to tie as much yarn as possible for them to get the longest yard :)  That's what you call "Teamwork!"

Hey!  Who got the longest yard????



It’s time for yaya to go to the market.  Dress up, put on your bandana, bring along your spectacle este binocular, your OPEN umbrella, and carry your Bayong.   


ALP's Yaya ready for action !

Doc Lee:  "Hey, you sure this binocular's lenses are made of  ED glass???  Im seeing a lot of chromatic aberration and it's making me dizzy !!!"  :) LOL

Walk along the CROOKED PATH to reach the “talipapa”, looking at it through the binocular TURNED UPSIDE DOWN.  Once you reached the “talipapa”  each player will shop for just 1 thing on the list and put it in the GREEN BAG.  Pick any one Item on “KUYA’s Sampung Utos.”  Hurry back to your team members with your umbrella open cause it’s already raining.  Remove your market attire for the next yaya to do the same.  Team mates can help the player dress up. Bawal po ang tsansing. Team member wave the bandana when all Yaya’s done with shopping!


Mas higit pa sa…SAMPUNG  UTOS  NI  KUYA



First team to finish - 20 points

Completed task and correct items: “Listahan ni kuya” – 20 POINTS

Participation of all team mates +10 points


3) AstroQuiz with a Twist!

Game mechanics:

Teams should fall in line according to Height!  Smallest to tallest….or according to width, whichever u prefer.

Each team will send in 1 team representative at a time.  The first one to ring the bell should answer the question in 15 secs.  When done, Player #1 moves to the end of the line. And player #2 gets to be the next contestant.  If the team representative cannot answer the question he/she can get assistance from the HELPLINE.  Each HELPLINE CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE BY EACH TEAM

1.      “PASS” THE QUESTION”: You may let the opposing team answer the question.  If opposing team answered correctly, they get to score. If they answered incorrectly, your team gets the score.

2.      CHEAT:  The representative can ONLY ask from teammate NEXT to him or her for the answer. Wrong answer, no score.

3.      MULTIPLE CHOICE:  Player may pick multiple choice answers. Wrong Answer no score.

4.      STEAL:  You may steal any one of the opponents team member to join your team to answer the question, however the opposing teams cannot steal back their ex-teammate.

5.      TRADE:  trade-in your question for new question.  The opponent will draw a new question, if they got the answer correctly they get to score.  They too get the chance to seek helpline during this round. If they still do not get the right answer, your team gets the score

REMEMBER:  HELPLINE CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE BY EACH TEAM, Once used up, you will rely on brain power to score for the team.  SO USE THEM WISELY.

As the games were being played and prepared, ALPers also had a bountiful dinner as prepared by ALPers Angie Tan, Rich Pijuan and Bel Pabunan.  ALP president James Kevin Ty also brought along a Magic Sing Karaoke Sing-Along unit for the members to show their singing talent to fellow members.  Among the surprises were from ALP director Alfonso Uy who show the younger members how good his singing skills was!  Among the great songs he sang that evening were "Danny Boy" and "Edelweiss."  ALP president James also sang his personal favorite "My Way" by Frank Sinatra.  Lots of ALPers also sang that evening as members use that opportunity to get together to celebrate their good friendships.

ALP director Alfonso Uy was the surprise of the night with his charming rendition of Danny Boy and Edelweiss !!!

ALPers use an 80mm binoculars to look for planet Venus and Jupiter early in the afternoon.

Bountiful and delicious food were prepared by Angie, Rich and Bel.

It's chow time!!!

ALPers chat with each other on what's new in astronomy while they had dinner.  Nice combination, right?

ALPers huddle at the registration table to renew their memberships as well as donate to the LCD fund project.


ALP Treasurer Henry So discussed his plans for the fund raising project for an LCD projector.

ALP President James Kevin Ty gave a powerpoint presentation on the highlights of ALP for the  year 2008 as well as discuss a short rundown on what activities ALP will be undertaking next year.

ALP President James Kevin Ty also presented the "Highlight of ALP for te year 2008" and also thanked the members as well as all the sponsors for their great support specially on the ALP 5th Year Anniversary Souvenir Yearbook Project.  Without their full support, the project would not a success!!!  Of course, there were 3 ALPers  who show exceptional effort and time contribution to help out in the project and they were ALP directors Melisa Bata who garnered the most ad support for the yearbook project ; Angie Tan who also help a lot in ad procurement for the project but also help make follow-ups on the members on their support for the yearbook.  Both were presented Certificates of Appreciation by the ALP president for their invaluable contribution of time and effort to the successful launching of the ALP 5th Year Anniversary Yearbook.

ALP Director/Membership Chairperson Angie Tan accepting her Certificate of Appreciation from ALP President James Kevin Ty

ALP Director/Ways & Means Chairperson Melisa Bata accepting her Certificate of Appreciation from ALP President James Kevin Ty

Last but not the least, ALPha editor in chief Francisco Lao, Jr. was presented the 2008 Father Victor Badillo Astronomy Service Award for his invaluable contribution to the successful launching of the ALP 5th Year Anniversary Yearbook as well as being the editor in chief of ALPha, the official newsletter of the society since its inception. Since he was not around to accept his award, ALP Vice President Dr. Jett Aguilar received the award on his behalf.

ALP Vice-President Dr. Jett Aguilar accepting the Father Victor Badillo Astronomy Service Award on behalf of ALPha editor in chief Francisco Lao, Jr. from ALP President James Kevin Ty.


2008 Father Victor Badillo Astronomy Service Award

With the telescope set up at the Planetarium grounds, ALPers went out to observe objects such as the Moon as well as M42 Orion Nebula . Some members aso use that tie to try to observe the Geminids meteor shower. Although there was Moon glare, some members were able to catch a few bright Geminids that evening.

After the votes were tallied, the following new directors were elected:

1) James Kevin Ty

2) Angie Tan

3) Rich Pijuan

4) Alice Villa-Real

5) Edgar Ang


With the presence of 7 directors which constitute a quorum, the following officers and committee chairs were elected:

Officers 2009

President - James Kevin Ty

Vice President - Dr. Jett Aguilar

Secretary - Rich Pijuan

Treasurer - Henry So

Auditor - Brian Davis

PRO - Alice Vila-Real


Committee  Chairs  2009 were as follows:

Observation - Peter Benedict Tubalinal

2009 Total Solar Eclipse Expedition Team - James Kevin Ty

Instrumentation - Jomar Lacson

Education - Dr. Armando Lee

National Astronomy Week - Dr. Armando Lee

Membership - Angie Tan

Ways and Means - Melisa Bata

Special Events - Angie Tan

Publications (ALPha)  - Francisco Lao Jr.

Publications (Phil Journal of Astronomy) - Raymund John Ang

Webmaster - Jonathan Ty

Web Content Editor - James Kevin Ty

The party ended at around 11:45pm. 



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