Astronomical League of the Philippines, Inc.


The Astronomical League of the Philippines was established by a group of Filipino astronomers whose main goal was to develop astronomy in the Philippines, especially in the fields of observational astronomy and imaging. Today, it is the leading scientific community for astronomy and related sciences, with focus not only on observation and imaging, but extending to formal education and research studies in astronomy.

There are generally two types of membership in the society - Regular and Honorary membership. Professional and nonprofessional astronomers, astrophysicists, students in astronomy and related fields, and astronomy enthusiasts who have serious interest in the field can apply for Regular membership. Those who have contributed to the development of astronomy in the country are awarded Honorary membership.

During the early years of the Astronomical League of the Philippines, the main focus of the society was enhancing the observational skills and imaging techniques of members. New members are guided on how to choose the right equipment which suits them, according to the area they are most interested in and the passion they have in the field.

The year 2009, International Year of Astronomy, marks a turning point and a milestone, not only for the organization, but for Philippine Astronomy as a whole. On the 15th of February, 2009, the society organized the 1st Philippine Astronomy Convention which was held at the Plenary Hall of the Rizal Technological University. This convention is the major astronomy convention in the country and a formal forum for astronomers for the exchange of ideas and research findings. In the same year, an even stronger partnership was formed between ALP and RTU in the efforts of advancing formal astronomy education in the country.

In the years and decades to come, the Astronomical League of the Philippines will continue to take a lead role in advancing the field of astronomy in the Philippines.


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