April 25, 2015 ALP GAM Global Star Party Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty

Last April 25th, Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) in partnership with Exploreum celebrated Global Astronomy Month's Global Star Party at SM Bay The Bay Central Park. Members who were present in the event were ALP President James Kevin Ty and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty ; Secretary Christopher Louie Lu and daughter Frances Lu ; Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan with Iah Serna, PRO Edge Last with daughter Trisha Lat ; directors Peter  Benedict Tubalinal, Rich Pijuan, Arnel Campos and Ronald Sison ; Mark Ian Singson, Norman Marigza, Justine Garcia, Melsejoy Degala, Miguel Cajita and dad Trix.

They arrived at the site at around 6:00pm more or less. The sky was clear and they started to setup their telescopes. James brought along a Celestron Astromaster C130 Newtonian reflector on CG3 mount ; Andrew with his Skywatcher 90ED refractor with Vixen GP mount ; Rich with her Celestron C90 Mak on sturdy tripod ; Justine with her Celestron Astromaster C130 Newtonian reflector on CG3 mount ;Miguel with his Celestron Astromaster C130 Newtonian reflector on CG3 mount ; Arnel with his Explore Scientific 102AR refractor with HEQ5 mount ; Ronald with his Celestron C90 Mak on sturdy tripod ; Christopher with his Celestron Powerseeker 80mm refractor with CG2 mount ; Exploreum with their Celestron CPC8 SCT, CPC11 SCT, C14 SCT with CGE-Pro mount , Skywatcher 10" f/5 Newtonian reflector on HEQ6 mount ; Cutting Edge with their Nexstar 127 XLT Newtonian reflector and Celestron Astromaster C130 Newtonian reflector on CG3 mount .

The event started at around 7:00pm till 10:00pm with more than 1000+ people got to view through various telescopes on the Quarter Moon, planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn as well as Orion Nebula. At around 10:15pm, they had their traditional group shot taken before wrapping up their telescopes with a happy feeling that they were able to share the beauty of the heavens to the people.

People waits patiently before the start of the Global Star Party!

ALP President James Kevin Ty besides Exploreum's C14 SCT.

ALP President James Kevin Ty, director Peter Benedict Tubalinal and Exploreum Marketing Manager Isabella Manjon.

Exploreum Marketing Manager Isabella Manjon take a look at the Moon!

Awesome view of the Moon!

Wow!  Close up of the Moon craters!

More than 1000+ people attended and got the chance to view the planets and the Moon!

ALP Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan beside his SKywatcher 80ED refractor!

ALP director Arnel Campos beside his Explore Scientific AR102 refractor!

ALPer Mark Ian SIngson beside Exploreum's CPC 11 SCT.

This little scope rocks!

ALP Pro Edge Lat and directors Rich Pijuan and Peter Benedict Tubalinal.

Jupiter rocks on the 10" Newtonina reflector!

3D views of Moon crater through the C14 SCT!

Kids had a great time to view the Jupiter and Moon !


Cutting Edge's Cynthia Jason beside the Celestron Astromaster C130 reflector.

Viewing Jupiter is mesmerizing through the C14 SCT.

ALP Astro Kids Trisha Lat , Frances Lu and Kendrick Cole KC Ty.

ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu patiently guide this kid to view the Moon!

Nice views of Jupiter and its 4 bright moons through the Celestron Astromaster C130 Newtonian reflector.


Group Shot

Wacky Shot




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