September 22, 2012 ALP InOMN & Starpeace Report
by James Kevin Ty

Last September 22, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) join the world in celebrating the International Observe the Moon Night and Starpeace 2012 at Rajah Sulayman Park beside Aristocrat Restaurant , Malate, Manila.  Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren  and daughter Frances;  PRO Armando Lee with wife Mia and son Jason; Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan and Iah Serna ; directors Edgar Ang, John Ray Cabrera;  Miguel Enrique Cajita with his dad Trix ; Gary Andreassen , wife Irma and son Steinar ; Arnel Campos , Belen Pabunan , Liza Quitlong, Nel Lagda, Mary Ann Ramirez, and Maximo Zabanl; Cristina and her student Benz Felices, and staffs of Cutting Edge who is the Philippine distributor of Celestron Telescopes.

The event in the early evening was marred by drizzle and short burst of hard rain so the members were not able to setup till around 8:20pm. James brought along a portable setup in Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS L lens with eyepiece adapter on sturdy tripod ; Christopher  with his Celestron Powerseeker 80mm refractor on EQ-1 mount ; Arnel with Celestron MiniMak50 on sturdy tripod, Gary with his Celestron C6N Newtonian reflector on Orion SVP EQ-5  mount, Miguel with his C130 Newtonian reflector on EQ-1 mount . Cutting Edge brought along a new product, the Sky Prodigy 70mm refractor, a GPS Goto telescope system.

Despite the bad weather some people were able to drop by to get the chance to view through the different telescopes that were setup for observing the Moon.  Unfortunately, the Moon half heartedly cooperated to let the spectators get a chance to view her through clouds.

At around 9:30pm, they called it a night and have their traditional group shot taken before packing up. And then hard rain fell again! Gosh........  We were lucky to still be able to show the Moon despite such as short time :)

Planetarium curator Bel Pabunan and her staff are there to celebrate InOMN and StarPeace 2012 with ALP.

(L-R) ALPers Gary Andreassen and Arnel Campos beside Arnel's ultra portable Celestron MiniMak 50.

ALP President beside his portable Canon EF100-400mm f/ 4.5-5.6 IS L lens with eyepiece adapter

The New Celestron Sky Prodigy 70mm refractor GPS Goto Scope.

ALPer Miguel Enrique Cajita looked at the Moon through his Celestron C130 reflector on EQ-1 mount.

ALPer Steinar Andreassen winks at the Moon through his Celestron C6N reflector on Orion SVP mount in remembrance of Neil Armstrong!

ALPers Miguel Enrique Cajita, Armando Lee, Arnel Campos with guests Dr. Gerry Caedo and his daughter.


Dr. Gerry Caedo and his daughter got to look at the Moon through the Celestron C6N reflector.

ALPers letting spectators look through their various scopes while ALPer Armando Lee handles InOMN Twitter conversation with VietAstro and other astro orgs around the world.

ALP's Astro Moms and Kids :)

ALPers Arnel Campos, Edgar Ang and John Cabrera together with Cutting Edge staffs along side their Sky Prodigy 70mm refractor.

Planetarium's Nel Lagda viewing the Moon through Gary's Celestron 15x70 binoculars.

ALPers John Cabrera and Christopher Louie Lu beside his Celestron Powerseeler 80mm refractor on EQ-1 mount.

ALPer Arnel Campos posed beside the new Celestron Sky Prodigy 70mm refractor.

Guest Numan Sha viewing the Moon through James' Canon EF100-400mm L lens with eyepiece adapter.

ALPers and spectators were patient enough to wait for the Moon to come in and out from passing clouds :0

A police officer was also there to get a chance to view the Moon through various scopes.

ALP Astro Gals together with Astro Kids :)


Group Shot

Wacky Shot !!!




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