ALP 2011 10 Ball Billiards Tournament Report
by James Kevin Ty & Andrew Ian Chan
Images by James Kevin Ty & Christopher Louie Lu

Last July 31, ALP held its 6th billiard tournament at Playdium Bowling and Billiards Center in Araneta Avenue, Quezon City.  Members who participated this year were defending champion Andrew Ian Chan, James Kevin Ty, Henry So, Christopher Louie Lu, Vincent Gella, Arnel Campos and Perry Teodoro.  For this year's event, ALP shifted to its traditional 9 ball tournament to the current popular 10 ball billiard format.

ALPers set the tournament rules briefing time at around 12:30pm as they had their lunch there before they started the event at 1:30pm.  Unfortunately, ALPer Perry Teodoro didn't show up to the event due to unknown reason, He got disqualified thus forfeited his chance to win the event.  The participants waited till 1:30pm to hear any response from him to no avail :(  Nevertheless, the game must go on without him .

Below are the results of the elimination round:

Below are the Individual standings at the end of the elimination round:

With the outcome of the elimination round, Andrew Ian Chan, Henry So, James Kevin Ty and Vincent Gella enters the semi-final round.  The last slot for the semifinal round was tied between Vincent Gella and Christopher Louie Lu but based on their win loss record, Vincent Gella won more games than Christopher Louie Lu thus Vincent joins Andrew, James and Henry into the next round.

Below are the result of the semi-final round:

Below are the Individual standings at the end of the semifinal round:

With the outcome of the semifinal round, Andrew Ian Chan and Henry So enter the championship round with James Kevin Ty and Vincent Gella squaring it off in the consolation round for 2nd runner up.  Unfortunately, we were informed at the last minute that the establishment will closed by 11:00pm so they decided to finish the games next weekend which is scheduled on August 7, 2011 at Paeng's Midtown Bowl Center at Robinson's Place in Ermita, Manila.  The games will be played right after the conclusion of the monthly meeting.

Below are some of the activity images taken during their games at Playdium Bowling and Billiard Center:

ALPers gather for briefingon the 10 ball  billiard rules  before the start of the tournament.

ALPers relaxed while awaiting for the start of the tournament.

2010 1st Runner Up James Kevin Ty & 2010 2nd Runner Up Henry So pitted against each other in the elimination round.

First time billiard participant  Vincent Gella aim for the 4ball while Henry So watched on the sideline.

First time participants Arnel Campos (left) and Christopher Louie Lu (right) had a great time on their "first light" in billiards :) LOL

ALPer Arnel Campos carefully aims for a good shot on the 5 ball.

ALPer Christopher Louie Lu used physics and geometry to help him pocket the balls :)

2010 champion Andrew Ian Chan was again red hot on the table as he rules the tourney with ease during the elimination and semifinal rounds.

ALPer Henry So was in good form as he pockets some critical shots to enter the fnals round.

ALPer Vincent Gella defeated Arnel Campos to enter the semifinal round by eliminating Christopher Louie Lu via win-loss knockout quotient system!

ALP 2011 10 Ball Billiard Participants

On August 7th, ALP continue the 10 ball billiard tournament at Paeng's Midtown Bowl in Robinson's Place in Ermita after the conclusion of the ALP monthly meeting held at Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia. Defending champion Andrew Ian Chan and Henry So played for  the championship round while James Kevin Ty and Vincent Gella squared it off in the consolation round for 2nd runner up.

The results of the championship and consolation round are as follows:

Champion - Andrew Ian Chan

1st Runner Up - Henry So

2nd Runner Up - James Kevin Ty

Below are some activity images taken at Paeng's Midtown Bowl Center:

ALPer Henry So (right) put up a good fight against defending champion Andrew Ian Chan.

ALPer Andrew Ian Chan defended his 3rd consecutive crown via a come from behind wins to defeat Henry So with a score of 7-5.

ALPer James Kevin Ty recovers from his last week's dismal performance to beat Vincent Gella 5-2 to claim  2nd Runner Up standing.

ALPer Vincent Gella vows to come back with a vengeance next year! Watch Out Guys!!!

ALP 2011 10 Ball Championship & Consolation Round Participants

See you next year !!!




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