ALP Monthly Meeting Report


September 18,  2005

  by  James Kevin Ty


ALP held its September monthly meeting at the residence of colleague Rev. Alice Villa-Real. Members who were present on the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Alice Villa-Real, Jett Aguilar, Jon and Ellen Alcartado, Edgar Ang, Melisa Bata, Angie Tan, Hans Gideon Cerdenia, Dante Cruz, Jhun Embuido, Rosemarie Gonzales, Dante Noche and wife Rosie , Nat Nat Paredes and son Kim, Rich Pijuan , Edmund and Bernadette Rosales and son Luigi, Henry So, Jonathan Ty, and Lea Visaya.  ALP also welcome its latest batch of  new members Jose Mari Lacson, Greten Estella, Alexander Loinaz and Irving Raymundo!

The meeting started at 4:00pm with Jett Aguilar 050918-c.jpg (105557 bytes)presenting a powerpoint presentation on the 2005 Mars Outlook.  He touched on the issues of what to expect on the observation of Mars this year.  He also touched on what one can see when using a telescope and how to make a good sketch of the planet ; how color filters help bring out the finer details on the features if Mars.   He also touch lightly on how to use the software Mars Previewer II and how it can help observers  know the Central Meridian (CM) of Mars on a given date and time.   The software also tells the observer the size and  albedo of the planet as well. The lecture concluded at around 5:30pm with ALPers going over to the dining room to have a good dinner.  Since today was the 2nd anniversary of ALP, members obliged by bringing some food (potluck) to share with fellow ALPers.  The dining table was full of food that they had a great hearty dinner while continuing their conversations over at the dining table.

At around 6:30pm, the much awaited ALP 050918-e.jpg (83663 bytes)Mooncake Festival Dice Game was readied for the members who joined the exciting game.  Those who joined the contest were James Kevin Ty, Jett Aguilar, Jhun Embuido, Edgar Ang, Alice Villa-Real, Rosemarie Gonzales, Nat Nat and Kim Paredes, Henry So, Jon Alcartado, Melisa Bata , Angie Tan, Irving Raymundo, Lea Visaya and Edmund Rosales.  Members who paid but wasn't able to attend were as follows: Allen ( Ellen Alcartado played on his behalf) , John Lawrence Uy (Luigi Rosales played on his behalf) and Albert Lao (Rich Pijuan played on his behalf).

Before the game begins, ALPer Henry So gives a rundown to the participants on how to play the dice game.  After a thorough discussion on how to play the game. They draw numbers so that they will know who will be next to roll the dice :)  The first prize of the game is a 1 year free subscription of Sky and Telescope magazine so the participants were eager to try their luck to win the grand prize :) LOL

050918-j.jpg (91828 bytes)As the game progresses, Henry So was able to bag the first prize on just the 1st round! (Lucky Guy!) but since there were still lots of prizes on the table, he had to wait until all the prizes on the table are won by the participants.  After all the prizes on the table are won, there will be 1 final round for the participants to snatch the grand prize from Henry.  Since Henry got a high combination of 4 dices of 4s and combination of 11, the other participant's chance to snatch it from him will have to roll  5 dices of any numbers to win over him.   Unfortunately for the rest of the participants, no one does it and Henry was so happy and all smile after bagging the grand prize!  Congratulations Henry!  As for the rest of the guys and gals, its better luck next year :) LOL

The meeting ended at around 7:45pm with a group shot taken to commemorate the 2nd year anniversary of the ALP!

050918-m.jpg (667068 bytes)


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