ALP Monthly Meeting Report


September 18, 2005

  by  James Kevin Ty


050918-c.jpg (39559 bytes)

Jett Aguilar gives a good powerpoint presentation to fellow ALPers on the outlook of Mars for the year 2005.

050918-d.jpg (78209 bytes)

Hey!  The food are great!!!  Yummy!

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ALP meetings should always be like this :) LOL

050918-h.jpg (78009 bytes)

ALPer Dante Cruz:  Gee, who brought the Pandan Cake?  Its Delicious!  Can I take all of this home...... Please..... 

050918-i.jpg (94829 bytes)

Henry So explaining the rules of the Moon Cake Festival Dice Game to fellow ALPers.

050918-j.jpg (34172 bytes)

Its Angie's turn to roll the dice as Rich and Edmunf patiently waits for their turn :)

050918-m.jpg (73789 bytes)

ALPers posed for posterity after the conclusion of the September meeting/anniversary party.


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