Observing Campaign


As the leading organization in field of observational astronomy in the country, the Astronomical League of the Philippines conducts observing campaigns for systematic and close monitoring of celestial objects or events. Data from these observing campaigns will be used in research and published in scientific journals.


Jupiter Opposition Campaign

Planetary oppositions are perhaps one of the most observed celestial phenomena in the sky. Rogers (1995) described the Opposition as the period when the planet is directly opposite the sun in the sky, thus, astronomers are able to view the planet overhead during midnight, with its highest altitude.

On October 29th, the planet Jupiter will have a close approach with Earth in terms of their orbital paths, enabling observers to document the Opposition of Jupiter.

The ALP is calling for observations (reports, sketches and/or images) of this event. For submissions, please include details of the instrument used, time, location, sky condition and other notable entries. Send the report to pjastro@astroleaguephils.org with the subject "Jupiter Opposition 2011".


Rogers, J. H. (1995). The Giant Planet Jupiter (Practical Astronomy Handbook 6). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.


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