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     The Institute of Astronomy or IoA is the education and research infrastructure of the Astronomical League of the Philippines. The Institute is involved in formal and non-formal astronomy education and research programs. The current and first Director is Dr. Armando Lee.



     During the International Year of Astronomy, scientific bodies were established within the society to foster the development of specialized fields. For the first year, two scientific divisions were created: the Division on Sun & Heliosphere and the Division on Astronomy Education & Development. Within the solar division, two commissions were initiated: the Commission on Solar Activity, which was tasked to monitor solar occurrences and produce the Philippine Solar Index, and the Commission on Eclipses, which was tasked to observe and document the various lunar and solar eclipses in and outside the country.

Message from the Director

     The year 2009 saw the coming together of the world’s astronomers, both professional and amateur, in promoting astronomy by giving telescope views of celestial bodies to ordinary people on the streets, in parks, and even on computer websites where the spirit of sharing the heavens were done through live webcast and even virtual telescope sharing. It was done in celebration of the 400th year of Galileo’s discoveries using his improved version of the telescope. The Astronomical League of the Philippines took part in this grand year of celebration called the International Year of Astronomy 2009. It was a fruitful participation for the members and officers of the ALP. An important aspect of this was the lessons learned from doing these activities. These events that were carried out and participated by ALP brought out the realization that the organization needed to consolidate its resources in terms of manpower and logistics to be more effective and more efficient in doing public viewing, outreach activities and even scientific observations. Limited resources can be effectively managed and improved upon if the different uses and activities are coordinated effectively and in a faster manner under an institute within the organization. This is the goal of the creation of an Institute of Astronomy within the society. And this is envisioned to streamline and improve the participation of ALP in astronomy education, public outreach and scientific observation and research.

     Having been appointed the director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Astronomical League of the Philippines, I would like to first express my gratitude to the members of ALP for having faith in the newly created institute and also for giving me the chance to serve in this new exciting endeavor of the ALP.

     In behalf of the Officers and Directors of ALP, I welcome all our members’ participation whether be it in their knowledge, skill and logistics in pursuing astronomy related activities and events especially in the field of observational research and studies where astronomy education can simultaneously be exhibited and practiced for the benefit of ALP members as well as the local astronomy community.

Clear Skies to all,

Dr. Armando Lee
Institute of Astronomy


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