Awards and Recognitions


This page contains the list of awards given by the Astronomical League of the Philippines and the respective awardees.


I. Father Leo Boethin Astronomy Achievement Award

The Father Leo Boethin Astronomy Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made an astronomical discovery or conducted research study which led to the discovery of an astronomical object or phenomenon, thereby expanding the knowledgebase of Astronomy. Fr. Leo Boethin is the first and only individual to discover a comet on Philippine soil.


Christopher Go - 2006

"for his tireless monitoring and imaging of the planet Jupiter, leading to worldwide intensified study and further understanding of the planet's atmospheric phenomenon, particularly Oval BA, now known as Red Spot, Jr."


II. Father Victor Badillo Astronomy Service Award

The Father Victor Badillo Astronomy Service Award is awarded to an individual who has contributed to the betterment of astronomy in the Philippines. This award is given in honor of Fr. Victor L. Badillo, S.J., PhD whose dedication and guidance in the field of astronomy is well known throughout the Philippine astronomical community.


Dr. Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres - 2017

"for his lead role in establishing the first full academic program in BS Astronomy Technology, as well as Graduate Diploma and Masters in Astronomy in the Philippines at Rizal Technological University. "


Dr. Dante Ambrosio - 2013 (Post Humous)

"for his timeless dedication in researching and popularizing Filipino Ethno-Astronomy, thereby showcasting early Filipino cultures, beliefs and stories about the universe around us."

Francisco G. Lao, Jr. - 2008

"for his invaluable contribution to the successful launching of the ALP 5th Year Anniversary Yearbook as well as being the Editor in Chief of ALPha, the official newsletter of the society since its inception."

Edwin Aguirre and Imelda Joson - 2006

"for their unselfish work and dedication to the development, progress and promotion of astronomy both in the local and international levels."


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