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December 21, 2003

by James Kevin Ty

Images by James Kevin Ty


The ALP celebrated its 1st Christmas party/meeting last 031221-a.jpg (52607 bytes)December 21, 2003 at Alice Villa-Real's residence.  The party started at around 8pm.  Dinner were served courtesy of ALP members who brought their own food to share with our fellow ALP members.

ALP also would like to introduce their newest members namely Mac Libid, Angie and Julie Tan, Melissa Bata and Marites Canlas.  May they find the ALP an exciting and enjoyable organization to hone their astronomy skills!

Around 25 members as well as their families attended the party.  They were James Kevin Ty, Dra. Charito Ty, Allen Yu, Henry So, Alice Villa-Real, Carlos Villa-Real, Oscar and Lana Lei and family, Rich Pijuan, Edmund and Bernadette Rosales and family, Francisco Lao Jr, Emilia Agustin, Atty Rosemarie Gonzales, Elena Moya, Dr and Dra Jett Aguilar and family, Janice Ponce, Mac Libid, Angie & Julie Tan, Melissa Bata and Marites Canlas.

Everyone seems to be satisfied with the food being serve as most of the food brought by ALP members were cleaned out! :)

After a while, Alice, who was designated host and emcee of the evening called upon the members to start the exchange gift program which is worth P200 up and must be science related or better astronomy related items.

031221-w.jpg (39436 bytes)Afterwards, Jun Lao informed the members that Edwin Aguirre and Imelda Joson from Sky and Telescope donated copies of the latest SKywatch 2004 magazines and also Sky & Telescope original stickers which in turn were raffled off to lucky ALP members.  The lucky members who won the Skywatch 2004 magazines were Luigi Rosales (Edmund's son), Atty Rosemarie Gonzales, Elena Moya and Janice Ponce.  On behalf of the ALP, we will like to thank both of them for their generosity.  ALP treasurer Allen Yu also donated his extra copies of Sky and Telescope and  Astronomy magazines for raffle to members as well.   Thank you Allen!

The party ended with ALP members posing for posterity to mark the 1st successful ALP Christmas party !

031221-j.jpg (282806 bytes)

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