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FEBRUARY 18-24, 2007

"Shaping the Future of Philippine Astronomy"

by James Kevin Ty


The Astronomical League of the Philippines celebrated this year's National Astronomy Week in a humble way. To start off this year's activity is the launching of the 1st ALP Astrophoto Exhibit at the Manila Planetarium on opening day on February 18th. This will feature the best images produced by members of the society.   Among the members's images on display were that of Christopher Go, Eric Africa, John Nassr, James Kevin Ty, Jett Aguilar and  Raymund Sarmiento. Also another unique exhibit worth viewing are the meteorites collections lead by Allen Yu. An exhibit of different type of telescopes will also be on display for members to view them.

Another activity worth checking out is the Astro-Garage Sale that will be available ONLY on opening day.  This is the opportunity for members as well as visitors to purchase astro related items such as used books, star maps, telescope accessories, novelties like patches and mugs at an affordable price.

A solar observation session will  treat early attendees at around 1:00pm. Scopes will be setup at the vicinity of the Planetarium which will show the Sun through white light and in Hydrogen-Alpha (H-Alpha) light.  In white light , viewers will be able to see the Sun at the

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H-Alpha Viewing

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White Light Viewing

normal light wavelength.  Some features which one might be able to see on the Sun's disk are Sunspots and  Faculae.  H-Alpha, on the other hand, will let one view the Sun in the narrow H-Alpha wavelength.  One can see solar features such as Solar Flares, filaments, Prominences.  The Sun is a very dynamic object for all to enjoy!!!  Unfortunately, the solar  observation sked will only be between 1:00-2:00pm so you dont want to be late right or else you will missed your chance to look at the Sun in different telescopes.

Main program will start at 2:00pm with Ms. Corazon 060219naw-l.jpg (34632 bytes)Alvina (Director IV, National Museum) as guest of honor to open the Astrophoto Exhibit.  Afterwards, our very own ALP Vice President Jett Aguilar will be giving a short lecture on Basic Digital Astrophotography.  One can see his works at the photo exhibit.

A free Planetarium show will be the program finale and after the event, members and guests are invited to join the ALP at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Baywalk (beside Aristocrat Restaurant in Roxas Blvd) at around 6:00pm.  Honorable Mayor Lito Atienza will be the guest of honor to open the stargazing session.  The stargazing session will be held from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.


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Other activity for the week includes another stargazing session at the Science Centrum in Marikina whereas an ALP Astrophoto Exhibit will also be featured for the whole week as well as an exciting public stargazing session at the Riverbanks near the Science Centrum will be held.

To conclude the NAW week, another public stargazing session   will be held again at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Baywalk. 

Full details of the weeklong event are as follows:


Feb 18 National Museum Planetarium,Luneta 1:00pm - Solar Observation (both White Light & H-Alpha)

2:00pm - National Anthem / Prayer Invocation by ALP Secretary Alice Villa-Real

2:15pm - Opening Remarks by ALP President James Kevin Ty

2:30pm - Welcome Remarks by Corazon Alvina , Director IV National Museum

2:45pm - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to open Astrophoto Exhibit

3:00pm - Basic Digital Astrophotography by ALP VP Jett Aguilar

3:45pm - Open Forum

4:00pm - Free Planetarium Showing

5:00pm - End of Program

* Opening Exhibits will also include Meteorite Display by meteorite collectors, astro-garage sale and telescope display as well along the hallway of the Planetarium.

Feb 18 Baywalk , Luneta 6:00pm - Welcome Remarks by Honorable Mayor Lito Atienza . City of Manila

6:15pm - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to open Stargazing Session

6:30-9:30pm - Public Stargazing Session

Feb 21 Science Centrum (Riverbank Center , Marikina) 7:00pm-9:30pm - Public Stargazing Session
Feb 24 Baywalk, Luneta Public Stargazing Session   6:00pm-9:30pm


For highlights of last year's NAW activities, click here.


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