November 5, 2017 ALP Monthly Meeting Report
by James Kevin Ty

Last November 5, 2017 , Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held its monthly meeting at Alice Villa-Real's residence in Quezon City. Members who were present are ALP President James Kevin Ty , director Ronald Sison, Alice Villa-Real , Per Edman and Adi Bontuyan.

Meeting started at around 3:0pm with ALP President James Kevin Ty giving an infomative lecture on basic webcam imaging and image processing. James initially touched on the early pc webcam such as Philips Toucam 740K that trail blaze the astro webcam technology into the current fast and large webcams. He then show  how webcams are effective freezing the bad seeing by recording AVI  videos and splitting the video into individual frames that stacking software such as AutoStakkert as well as Registax merged into a single TIF file. The stacking softwares also selects the best frames to stack to produce a high resolution image. Afterwards, the stacked image will then be sharpened using wavelets of Registax as well as Photoshop. James then let ALPer Ronald Sison do a hands on image processing of images such as Sunspots, planets Saturn and Jupiter as well as lunar images from what he learns from the lecture. 

ALPer Ronald Sison also brought along his huge Lego model of an Apollo Saturn 5 rocket which is awesome! Lastly, ALP President James announce that the ALP annual meeting as well as Christmas Party will be held at Alice's residence on December 10, 2017 12pm. Pot Luck Lunch was decided so members are encourage to bring along some foods to share with fellow members. Also announced are the 5 current directors that are open for reelection and they include current ALP President James Kevin Ty, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, Auditor Edgar Ang, PRO Edge Lat, director Ronald Sison as well as new nominee Mark Ian Singson.  List of members that need to renew for year 2018 will be posted on ALP internal FB page as well as ALP FB and Viber Groups.

The event ended at around 6:30pm .





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