December 6, 2015 ALP General Meeting / Christmas Party Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by Alberto Lao and James Kevin Ty

Last December 6th, ALP held their general meeting and Christmas party at Music Bank KTV at HK Plaza Mall. Members who attended were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; Secretary Christopher Louie Lu with wife Karren and daughter Frances Lu; Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan , Auditor Edgar Ang,  PRO Edge Lat , directors John Ray Cabrera , Peter Benedict Tubalinal,  Mike Enage and Ronald Sison with wife Adriel ;  Miguel Cajita with parents Trix and Mel Cajita and sister ; Alberto Lao and wife Nonie Lao ; Shubhashish Banerjee, Iah Serna , Alex Imperial, Melsejoy Degala, Vincent Gella and dad Aris Gella ; Zed Contractor, Mark Ian Singson and  guest Renan Mendoza .

The event started at around 3:30pm with ALPers paying their Chrismas contributions as well as membership renewal.  They also cast their ballots to elect the next 4 batch of ALP directors for 2016.  Nominees were incumbent ALP VP Jett Aguilar,  Rich Pijuan, Alfonso Uy with new nominees Shubhashish Banerjee, Justine Garcia, Iah Serna and Mark Ian Singson. ALP President James Kevin Ty welcoming members and guests t the general meeting and Christmas party.  This was followed by a prayer invocation by director Peter Benedict Tubalinal. ALPers enjoyed the afternoon with all ALPers doing their part in rendering their lovely voices to the members.  Food and drinks were also served.  Group shot were also done midway on the event.

Midway on the event, some small prizes like Celestron bonnets were raffled off to members through the kindness of our astro partner Cutting Edge while 2 astro books donated by ALP President James Kevin Ty and Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan were also raffled off.  Celestron bonnets  were won by ALP President James Kevin Ty, Alberto Lao, directors Edgar Ang and Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Mark Ian Singson, Zed Contractor, Vincent Gella,  Miguel Cajita.  Astro books were  won by Alex Imperial and Shubhashish Banerjee.

After Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan counted the ballots, ALP President James Kevin Ty announce the current new set of directors for 2016 and congratulated ALP VP Jett Aguilar, Alfonso Uy, Shubhashish Banerjee and Iah Serna.  They will join incumbents ALP President James Kevin Ty, Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, Auditor Edgar Ang, PRO Edge Lat, directors Ronald SIson, Mike Enage, John Ray Cabrera and Peter Benedict Tubalinal.

The event ended at around 9:45pm.  Merry Christmas and a Happy ALP Year to all !!!

Group Shot

Wacky Shot !



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