August 16, 2015 ALP Monthly Meeting Report
by James Kevin Ty and Christopher Louie Lu

Last August 16th, ALP held their monthly meeting at Exploreum at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  Members who attended were ALP President James Kevin Ty , wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty;  Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances Lu; Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan and Iah Serna;  Auditor Edgar Ang, PRO Edge Lat , directors Ronald Sison , John Ray Cabrera and Peter Benedict Tubalinal , Shubhashish Banerjee , Nelson Go, Vincent Gella and his dad, Jan Karlo Hernandez, Miguel Cajita and Maria Sobina Yu.

Meeting started at around 3:30pm with ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu giving the highlights of this month celestial events.  This was followed by his lecture on the Latest Updates on New Horizon and Pluto. 

The New Horizons July 14, 2015 close flyby of the Pluto System was a success & initial data from the space probe has been received by the NH team at NASA. This represent new frontiers in planetary science & exploration. NASA then held a news conference on July 17, 2015 & another news update a week later on July 24, 2015. Both updates focuses on two points: 1. Surface Geology & Composition & 2. Atmosphere. Some of the discoveries made by New Horizons are as follows:

I. Surface geology & composition:

1.) That Pluto is colored red. This could be caused by methane gas in the atmosphere interacting with Ultraviolet rays from the Sun.

2.) There are various craters on Pluto. Some appeared to have experienced erosion. There are also mountain ranges seen on the surface of Plato.

3.) In false color, there appear to be interaction between nitrogen, methane & Hydrocarbon ices.

4.) There is a region unofficially named "Tombaugh Regio" that appears to be geologically young. Estimated at about 100 million years, this region has also shown evidence of subsurface activity & heating. This hints at the idea that Pluto is still geologically active. However, as to what geologic processes are at work is still a mystery.

II. Atmosphere:

1.) Charon appears to have little to no atmosphere.

2) Plato on the other hand does have an atmosphere & it extends about 1000 miles above its surface. Pluto's atmosphere is discovered also to be very thin, a lot thinner than earlier predicted.

3.) Behind Pluto & along the atmosphere, New Horizons has detected an ion tail emanating from the interaction of the nitrogen gases found in the upper atmosphere with solar wind.

These initial discoveries represent just a mere 6% of data downloaded from New Horizons, which means Here are still 94% of data yet to be received from New Horizons. The next downlink is expected to be by the end of August or early September. The New Horizons probe is now moving further away from Pluto & plans for its next close encounter with a Kuiper Belt object is now in the works.

Afterwards. ALP President James Kevin Ty discuss the upcoming ALP 12th Anniversary Get Together and Global SunDay on September 6th. The get together was initially planned at Yakimix at SM MOA but due to their unfavorable conditions on reservations, it was later changed to 4 Seasons Restaurant also at SM MOA 11:00am.  The meeting ended at around 5:30pm with some of the members continuing their discussion over dinner at Racks. :)

ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu gives a lecture on the Latest Updates on New Horizon and Pluto. 

ALPers attended the meeting to listen to Louie's lecture.

ALPers listen to Louie's lecture on Updates on New Horizons and Pluto.

ALPers Andrew Ian Chan, Iah Serna, Charito Ty, Edgar Ang, Maria Sobina Yu, Shubhashish Banerjee.

LP President James Kevin Ty discuss the upcoming ALP 12th Anniversary Get Together and Global SunDay on September 6th.

ALP's Dinner Get Together at Racks.




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