May 31, 2015 ALP Canyon Cove Day Tour Excursion Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty

Last May 31, 2015 , ALP went to Canyon Cove Beach Resort at Wawa, Batangas for their day tour excursion trip.  This is the second time ALP had an excursion trip since 2005!!!  ALPers who join the trip were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito, son Kendrick Cole KC Ty , cousin Robert Ong and in laws Ong Kim and Dolores Ong ; ALP Treasurer Andrew Ina Chan and Iah Serna ; Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances; directors Arnel Campos, Edge Lat, Peter Benedict Tubalinal , Ronald Sison with wife Adriel, son Raj and Rey, and daughter Aleecia Sison.

They meet up at McDonald's Macapagal Avenue at around 7:00pm.  They left for Canyon Cove at around 7:30am and arrive there at around 10:30am.  They then proceeded to the beach front and had a great time swimming and dipping on the clear waters as well as white sands of the beach.  Some ALPers like Andrew and Iah also try to do Kayaking.  After lunch, they all went to the large swimming pool and swim the entire afternoon.  The Astro Kids don't want to come out of the pool till almost 6:00pm !!! :) LOL

They left the resort at around 7:00pm and stop by Jollibee Naic before heading home.  It was a very enjoyable event and they were planning for the next excursion to be an overnighter in the future :)


Group shot before passing thru Kaybiang Tunnel

Wacky group shot before passing thru Kaybiang Tunnel

Group shot midway to Canyon Cove


Wacky group shot midway to Canyon Cove

ALPers Peter, Louie and Arnel pumping up the raft.

ALP Love Birds

Astro Mom Chat and Astro Kid KC

The water is cool and clean !

ALP Hunks Edge and Peter

ALP mov ie directress and assistant :) LOL

Original Astro Kids

Let's sail to Spratley Island !

Astro kids having a great time on the beach!

Future Philippine Kayak Team :)

ALPers posed beside the poolside shed

Looking forward to next excursion trip!

ALPers doing wacky poses :) LOL

ALP Mr. Universe Candidates

And the winner is ..........

ALP Mr. Universe Wet Pose :)

ALP Hunks :) LOL

It's more fun at ALP !!!

Jump Shot!

One more time ALPers !!! Yes !!!


Group Shot

Wacky Shot!  Looking forward to the next excursion trip !!!




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