September 7, 2014 ALP 11th Anniversary Party Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by Jett Aguilar , James Kevin Ty and Alberto Lao

Last September 6, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) proceeded to celebrate their 11th anniversary party at the residence of VP Jett Aguilar . Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty;  VP Jett Aguilar and family; Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances; Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan and Iah Serna; Auditor Edgar Ang, directors Peter Benedict Tubalinal and daughter Steph; Mike Enage, Rich Pijuan, Arnel Campos; Ronald Sison and children Aleecia and Ray;  Mark and Arlene Vornhusen, Alberto Lao, Edge Lat, Adrian Reginald Sy and parents Reynaldo and Lily Sy and sister Abigail ; Shubhashish Banerjee , Saju Pillai, Val Villanueva, Jeremy Arabes, Marlon Monzon, Jason Comia, Miguel Cajita and parents Trix and Mel Cajita.

They started to arrive at the site at around 11:30am and bringing lots of potluck foods to share with fellow members.  While awaiting for the other members to arrive, ALP VP Jett Aguilar invited the members to his observatory to get a view of the Sun through white light and H-Alpha wavelength to the delight of the members!

Party started at around 1:00pm with ALP director Peter Benedict Tubalinal leading the prayer invocation to start off the party. Lots of food variants and drinks  were served tot he members.  Members use the opportunity to have a great lunch as well as chat and discuss on both astro and non astro topics.

The group then have a traditional group photo taken midway along the party. Afterwards, some members played parlor game Pinoy Henyo wherein members choose a partner and try to guess a word that the other partner will agree only by either a YES, NO, or MAYBE. ALP President James Kevin Ty and Secretary Christopher Louie Lu volunteered to do the first game while others followed.  It was both fun and hilarious as all of them tried to get the best time to get the answer.  In the end, ALPer Jason Comia has the fastest time and was given a small prize by ALP President James Kevin Ty by virtue of a copy of Sky and Telescope Skywatch 2014 :)

Some of the ALP officers also used the party time to discuss preparations for the National Astronomy Week 2015 as well as other ALP projects.

ALPers chat while awaiting for other members to arrive at the party.

ALP VP and host Jett Aguilar sets up his Solar white light telescope for members to view the Sun!

ALPers also lined up to get a view of the Sun through the H-Alpha telescope as well.

ALPer's children also get a chance to look through the solar telescopes as well :)

ALPer Saju Pillai was awed by the beauty of the solar prominence visible on the Sun as ALPers James Kevin Ty and Shubhasish Banerjee looks on.

ALPers posed for Astro Selfie Shot at the observatory! :)

ALPer Peter Benedict Tubalnal leads the prayer invocation before the start of the party.

ALPers bowed down their heads during the prayer invocation.

Vast variants of foods and drinks brought by ALPers to share with fellow members! Yummy!

Its Chowtime !!!

ALPers queue for their lunch :)

Hurry up!  We are hungry over here! :) LOL

ALPers having a great time at the party :)

ALPer Adrian Reginald Sy together with his family post with ALP President James Kevin Ty and VP Jett Aguilar.

ALP Astro Kids and Astro Moms

(L-R) ALPers Andrew Ian Chan, Christopher Louie Lu, Ronald Sison and Peter Benedict Tubalinal.

(L-R) ALPers Jett Aguilar, Edgar Ang, Arnel Campos, Mike Enage, Val Villanueva, Jeremy Arabes, Dodi Maralit and Alberto Lao.

(L-R) ALPers Ronald Sison , daughter Allecia, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Iah Serna and Andrew Ian Chan.

ALP Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan play game host on Pinoy Henyo parlor game :)

ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu and ALP President James Kevin Ty lead the first batch of participants in Pinoy Henyo :)

ALPer Jason Comia and ALP VP Aguilar  also play the game :)

\ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu presented the SkyWatch 2014 magazine to winner ALPer Jason Comia who got the shortest guess time of the group!  Congrats Jason!


Group Shot

Wacky Shot




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