March 8, 2014 ALP ISAN 7 Free Public Stargazing Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty , Jett Aguilar and Arnel Campos

Last March 8, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) went to Rajah Sulayman Park to host the 7th International Sidewalk Astronomers Network (ISAN 7) to commemorate the late John Dobson for his untiring effort to promote public stargazing  outreach in urban cities. Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; VP Jett Aguilar, Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan , Secretary Christopher Louie Lu with wife Karren and daughter Frances; Auditor Edgar Ang , Iah Serna, Miguel Cajita with dad Trix & mom Mel ; Edge Lat, Justine Garcia, Marlon Monzon, Jason Comia , Norman Marigza, Manila Planetarium curator Bel Pabunan and staffs Nel Lagda, Liza Quitlong & Judy Carla Cruz.  They were also joined by some astro students from Rizal Technological University (RTU) namely Miguel Artificio, Jerome Felicidario, Ehmir Cristobal and Klevin Mesia.

They arrive at the site  at around 7:00pm and set up their equipment. ALP President James Kevin Ty brought along Meade 8" f/10 SCT on Vixen GP-DX mount , VP Jett Aguilar with his Celestron Nexstar 5 SCT, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu with his Celestron Powerseeker 80mm refractor with EQ-2 mount, Auditor Edgar Ang with his Orion XT6 Dobsonian reflector , Miguel Cajita with his Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector on EQ-2 mount , Justine Garcia with her Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector on EQ-2 mount , Norman Marigza with his Celestron Travel Scope 70mm on sturdy tripod while RTU Astro Soc brought along a Celestron Powerseeker 70mm refractor on altazimuth mount.

The sky was clear all night and the group let more than 600+ people look through their telescopes on the Quarter Moon with  full disk as well as high power close up crater views.  Also observe was the gas giant Jupiter from low power views which includes the 4 Jovian satellites to high powered  view of  the gas giant with the Great Red Spot (GRS) visible near central meridian as well as Europa occultation event at around 8:00pm. 

They ended their session at around 9:30pm with a traditional group shot and some of the members proceeded to Aristocrat restaurant afterwards to have a late dinner after a successful staging of ISAN7 !

ALPer Norman Marigza explains what object is being viewed at the 8" SCT.

ALPer Miguel Cajita and dad Trix beside their Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector.

ALPers Edge Lat and Justine Garcia beside her Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector.

ALPer Jett Aguilar beside his Celestron Nexstar 5.

RTU's Ehmir Cristobal shown here showing the kids the Moon thorugh RTU's Celestron Powerseeker 70mm refractor.

The old and the young were awed at the beauty of the Quarter Moon.

ALPer Norman Marigza is shown here beside his Celestron Travel Scope 70 letting the kids get a good view of the Quarter Moon.

More than 600+ people got to view the Quarter Moon!

More than 600+ people got to view the planet Jupiter !

ALPer Edgar Ang beside his Orion XT6 Dobsonian reflector.

One of the spectator couldn't resist trying to image the Moon through his smart phone.

Planetarium staff Nel Lagda is shown here beside the Meade 8" f/10 SCT.

Planetarium staff Judy Carla Cruz is seen here viewing Jupiter up close and personal.

ALPer Edgar Ang is seen here explaining how the Moon is undergoing different phases.

ALPer James Kevin Ty couldn't resist taking a good view of Jupiter after a good collimation of the scope.

ALPer James Kevin Ty beside Meade 8" f/10 SCT on Vixen GP-DX mount.

ALP ISAN 7 banner is shown here hoisted at the event.

Nice view of the Quarter Moon through the Celestron Nexstar 5.

RTU Astro Soc members beside their Celestron Powerseeker 70mm refractor.

ALPers Andrew Ian Chan and Iah Serna beside Miguel's Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector.

ALPer Marlon Monzon is seen here with fellow ALPers Christopher Louie Lu and Jason Comia.

ALPer Jason Comia looks at the Moon through Jett's Nexstar 5.

ALPers Edgar Ang, Bel Pabunan and Edge Lat beside Edgar's Orion XT6 Newtonian reflector.

RTU Astro Soc members and ALPer Andrew Ian Chan posed beside their scope .

ALPer Iah Serna is all smiles as she had a great time observing the craters of the Moon!

ALPers had a late dinner at Aristocrat restaurant after a successful hosting of the ISAN 7 at Rajah Sulayman Park.


Group Shot

Wacky Shot !




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