February 22, 2014 ALP NAW Free Public Stargazing Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by Alberto Lao

Last February 22 after the conclusion of the 2014 Philippine Astronomy Convention, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) proceeded to Rajah Sulayman Park to conduct a free solar and stargazing event. Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; VP Jett Aguilar, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu with wife Karren and daughter Frances, Auditor Edgar Ang, director Peter Benedict Tubalinal ; Alberto Lao, Per Edman with son Oliver, Mark Ian Singson, Norman Marigza, Edge Lat, Justine Garcia,  Ronald Sison with wife Adriel, children Adrian, Aleecia & Aldrin; Miguel Cajita with parents Trix and Mel Cajita;  Planetarium curator Bel Pabunan and staffs Nel Lagda, Liza Quitlong , Maximo Zabanal and some students from RTU.

They arrive at Rajah Sulayman Park at around 5:00pm to try to do some public solar observation but the sky is very cloudy.  The Sun only show a small slice out of the clouds before setting :( The group then went to Aristocrat Restaurant to have their early dinner while awaiting for the sky to clear up.

Unfortunately, weather didn't cooperate pass 9:30pm and they just opted to have their traditional group shot taken and some of them went for coffee time to celebrate the conclusion of the 2014 ALP National Astronomy Week!


ALPers tried to capture the setting Sun despite the very cloudy weather that afternoon.

ALP Gwapings (L-R) Jason Comia , Edge Lat, Edgar Ang, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Mark Ian Singson & Christopher Louie Lu.

Who's the most handsome here??? (L-R) Jason Comia, Edgar Ang, Peter Benedict Tubalinal , Mark Ian Singson & Alberto Lao.

Same goes here ??? (L-R) Per Edman, Oliver Edman, Ronald Sison,  Kendrick Cole KC Ty & James Kevin Ty.

CBSAP Solar Glasses Rocks !!!

ALPers took time out at Coffee Bean after the conclusion of ALP Public Stargazing Session.


Group Pic After Dinner at Aristocrat Restaurant

Group Shot


Wacky Shot !




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