February 16, 2014 ALP NAW Free Public Stargazing Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by Alberto Lao

Last February 16 after the conclusion of the opening activity of the 2014 Philippine Astronomy Convention, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) proceeded to Rajah Sulayman Park to conduct a free solar and stargazing event. Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; Secretary Christopher Louie Lu with wife Karren and daughter Frances, Auditor Edgar Ang, director Peter Benedict Tubalinal , Gary Andreassen with wife Irma Andreassen , Arnel Campos; Alberto Lao, Per Edman , Mark Ian Singson, Norman Marigza, Edge Lat, Justine Garcia,  Ronald Sison with wife Adriel, children Adrian, Aleecia & Aldrin; Miguel Cajita with parents Trix and Mel Cajita;  Marlon Monzon, Marie Avenir, Jason Comia , Planetarium staffs Nel Lagda, Liza Quitlong, Mary Ann Ramirez & Maximo Zabanal ; Cutting Edge staffs and some students from RTU.

They arrive at SM Mall of Asia By The Bay North Wing at around 4:30pm to conduct some public solar observation but the sky was partly cloudy but they were able to use the solar glasses donated by Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project as well as several telescopes to view the numerous large sunspot groups on the Sun.  As the Sun is setting near the horizon, the large sunspots were now visible to the naked eyes before it sets.

After sunset, ALPers pointed their telescopes toward the planet Jupiter.  They also observe M42 Orion Nebula and Sirius while awaiting for the Gibbous Moon to rise pass 8:00pm.  More than 800+ people got the chance to observe the beauty of the universe through more than 11 telescopes as shared by members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines! The public stargazing session ended at around 9:30pm and they posed for their traditional group pic before having a late dinner at Razons :)

Free Solar Glasses courtesy of CBSAP. Thank you Stephen!

Wow!  The Solar Image through the CBSAP Solar Glasses are cool !!!

ALP President James Kevin Ty hands out free solar glasses courtesy of CBSAP to members , students and public during ALP Free Solar Viewing Session at SM Mall of Asia By The Bay!

RTU students wearing their free solar glasses. Nice !!!

ALP director Peter Benedict Tubalinal is all smiles with his CBSAP solar glasses.

Father and son tandem ALP President James Kevin Ty and Kendrick Cole KC Ty wearing their CBSAP solar glasses posed beside James' Coronado PST-Ha solar scope.

Solar Astronomy Rocks !!!

(L-R) ALPers Nel Lagda , Peter Benedict Tubalinal and Ronald Sison posed beside his Celestron C90 Maksutov with Baader Solar Filter.

ALP President James Kevin Ty used a Canon EOS 500D DSLR with Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS L lens set at 400mm to capture the Sun with numerous large sunspots few minutes before sunset.

The Sun with 4 large sunspot groups visible several minutes before sunset.

ALP director Peter Benedict Tubalinal gets a close up view of the Sun through the Celestron C90 Maksutov.

ALP President's son Kendrick Cole KC Ty uses his phone cam to capture the beautiful sunset.

RTU students posed with ALPers Per Edman and his Orion XT6 dobsonian reflector.

ALP director Peter Benedict Tubalinal also got a chance to view the Sun through Ha wavelength with the Coronado PST-Ha scope.

National Museum Planetarium staffs with their free CBSAP solar glasses.

ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu assists a foreigner to aim for a shot of the Sun during sunset.

Nice sunset view through the Celestron C90 Mak.

ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu posed beside his Celestron Powerseeker 80mm refractor on EQ-2 mount.

ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu aim his scope toward planet Jupiter.

(R-L) ALP directors Edgar Ang and Peter Benedict Tubalinal look at Jupiter through ALPer Per Edman's Orion XT6 dobsonian reflector.

ALPer Marlon Monzon used his finger to guide the foreigner where Jupiter is located.

ALP director Arnel Campos beside his Explore Scientific 100mm refractor on HEQ-5 mount.

ALPer Ronald Sison guides a guest to look at Jupiter through his Celestron C90 Mak.


ALP President James Kevin Ty and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty pose beside a converted Canon 77mm refractor suing Canon EF100-400mm IS Lens mounted on Kenko Sky Memo-R star tracker.

Waning Gibbous Moon by ALP President James Kevin Ty.

More than 800+ people got to view the Moon, Jupiter and other DSO objects through 11 telescopes brought along by ALPers.

ALP President James Kevin Ty's wife Chat and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty were there also to support the event.

Kendrick Cole KC Ty pose beside ALP's Free Public Stargazing Session banner.

ALPer Justine Garcia brought along her Celestron C130 Newtonian reflector.

ALP director Arnel Campos is shown here guiding guests to view Jupiter through his Explore Scientific 100mm refractor.

ALPer Per Edman points his Orion XT6 dobsonian reflector at Orion Nebula.

ALPers Edge Lat and James Kevin Ty pose beside one of the numerous scopes ALPers brought to the public stargazing session.

Panoramic shot of the ALP Free Public Stargazing Session at SM MOA By The Bay North Wing.

Spectators are awed by the brightness of planet Jupiter !!!

ALP director Peter Benedict Tubalinal points the Celestron C90 Mak on planet Jupiter.

Astro Kids Kendrick Cole KC Ty and Frances Lu took timeout to play some video games while resting.

ALP PRO Gary Andreassen pose beside his GSO 8" reflector on Orion SVP mount.

(L-R) Astro Moms Irma Andreassen, Karren Lu and Charito Ty.

ALPer Ronald Sison aimed his Celestron C90 Mak at the Gibbous Moon.

Cutting Edge staffs brought along a Celestron Powerseeker 130 reflector to help out on the free public stargazing session.

ALP President James Kevin Ty points his modified Canon 77mm Lens Scope toward the Gibbous Moon.

ALP PRO Gary Andreassen points his 8" GSO relfector on gas giant Jupiter.

ALP's NAW Free Public Stargazing Session Banner

The Gibbous Moon through ALPer Ronald's Celestron C90 Mak rocks !!!

Never ending long queue on all 11 scopes brought by ALPers for the event  from 7-9:30pm !!!

(L-R) More ALP Moms Mel Cajita, Irma Andreassen, Karren Lu and Charito Ty.

ALPers have a late dinner at Razon's after a tiring but joyful free public stargazing session !!!  Chow Time!

Astro Kids Kendrick Cole KC Ty and Frances Lu have their own private dinner time as well while discussing on astronomy, video games and school activities.


Group Shot


Wacky Shot !




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