January 5, 2014 ALP Monthly Meeting Report
by James Kevin Ty &  Christopher Louie Lu

Last January 5 , members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held their monthly  meeting at Manila Planetarium.  Members who attended were ALP President James Kevin Ty ,VP Jett Aguilar, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances ; Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan, directors Mike Enage & Rich Pijuan;  Justine Garcia, Edge Lat, Jason Comia, Peachy Sarmiento, Norman Marigza, Bel Pabunan , Liza Quitlong and guest German amateur astronomer Andre Hartmann.

Meeting started at around 3:30pm with ALP guest Andre Hartmann giving a n ice lecture on his astro journey experience in Namibia , Africa.  He discuss his 2 months stay there in Namibia to do astro imaging session under the legendary dark skies there.  He also shows the members his large haul of deep sky images taken there.  He also discuss how much he spend on logistics that is worth every penny of it.

Afterwards, ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu proceeded by giving a  small part 2 presentation on some good astro apps available for the Android users.

Comet Monitor is a software for the purpose of following current position of comets. It is composed of two database, a star chart, a data screen, a Sky View screen , and an Ephemerides table. Comet Monitor comes with two databases, "Selected JPL" is a selection of popular imaged comets using the elements from JPL, while "Observable MPC" is the database of observable comets by the Minor Planet Center (MPC) without image icons. The development of this software has been inspired by the approach of comet ISON which was supposed to become the celestial spectacle that was estimated to be as bright as the Moon but unfortunately, fizzled out after its close encounter with the Sun :(

Exoplanet Guide is probably the most complete exoplanet data reference for Android phone users. It is based on the database published by the Planetary Habitability Laboratory @ UPR Arecibo. One of the key features is the graphical representation of the habitable zone of a parent star. Exoplanet Guide comes with a fully featured star chart plotting stars down to magnitude 6.4 plus all Messier objects.

Lastly, NAW Chairman Andrew Ian Chan then discussed ALP's preparations and plans for the Feb 16-22 National Astronomy Week.  Full detailed will be posted in the days to come after its final planning are prepared.

Meeting ended at around 5:30pm.  Afterwards, some of the ALPers proceeded to SM Mall of Asia to have dinner there as well as had their 1st ALP AstroKapihan for the year 2014 at Starbucks SM MOA.




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