September 15, 2013 ALP 10th Year Anniversary Party Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty , Jett Aguilar & Christopher Louie Lu

Last September 15,  members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) celebrated their 10th Year Anniversary Get Together Party at Manila Planetarium.  Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty , wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; ALP VP Jett Aguilar, ALP Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan, ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances ; ALP director Arnel Campos and wife Michelle Campos; Ronald Sison with wife Adriel, children Adrian, Aleecia & Aldrin; Nathaniel Custodio, Vincent Gella, Joshua Herrera, Kristine Joy Perez, Justine Garcia, Edralin Lat, Norman Marigza, Dodi Maralit, Per Edman, Marlon Monzon, Miguel Cajita & dad Trix ; Alexander Loinaz, Christelle Mariano, Mark Joseph Villasis, Marvy Gulapa with wofr Ma. Theresa and son Rigel Francis ; Mark Ian Singson, Renato dela Pena, Jake Ramos, Bel Pabunan, Liza Quitlong, & Theodore Marc Gutierrez & Marichiel dela Cruz.

The party started at around 1:00pm with members bringing lots of  food (potluck) to share with fellow members. ALP President James Kevin Ty then welcome all members and thank them for their great support that leads to ALP's 10th years of existence.  ALPer Ronald Sison's son Adrian then lead the prayer invocation before everyone line up to have their late lunch.  The ambience was very good with lots of fellow members using the opportunity to chat on astro related matters :)

Afterwards, ALP President James Kevin Ty then introduce fellow ALPer Theodore Marc Gutierrez so he can have some time to introduce his book entitled Astronomer's Tale , which is all about his experience in astronomy. ALP is proud of him for his works and he also announce his upcoming 2nd edition of his book series that is expected to be available by early next year.

James then congratulate 10 members who were presented with ALP's 10 Years Service Award for their exemplary loyalty and selfless contributions to the organization.  They were as follows: Jett Aguilar, Edgar Ang, Alberto Lao, Francisco Lao Jr. , Rich Pijuan, Edward Eli Tan, Charito Ty, James Kevin Ty, Jonathan Ty and Alfonso Uy.

Last but not the least, the ALP 10th Year Anniversary Yearbook was presented by James to the members.  James then thanked ALPers John Ray Cabrera and Arnel Campos for making the yearbook!  He also thanked all the ad sponsors for helping fund the yearbook project.

The party ended at around 6:00pm .

ALP 10th Year Anniversary Cake

Potluck foods starts to pour in as time pass by.

ALP President James Kevin Ty welcome members to ALP 10th year anniversary get together party.

ALPer Ronald Sison's son Adrian leads the prayer invocation.

ALPers bow down their heads as prayer invocation start.

It's Chow Time !!!

(L-R) ALPers Edge Lat, Norman Marigza, Justine Garcia and Marlon Monzon

(L-R) ALPers Ronald Sison, Nathaniel Custodio & Per Edman

(L-R) ALPers Dodi Maralit & James Kevin Ty

ALPers Mark Joseph Villasis, Christelle Mariano & Michelle Campos

(L-R) ALPers Arnel Campos, Christelle Mariano, Michelle Campos, Kendrick Cole KC Ty, Charito Ty & Bel Pabunan.

ALP's Astro Kids Get Together Time :)

(L-R) ALPers Mark Ian Singson, Arnel Campos, Nathaniel Custodio & Ronald Sison

ALPer Theodore Marc Gutierrez introduce his book entitled Astronomer's Tale.

ALP President James Kevin Ty presents ALP 10 Year Service Award to ALP VP Jett Aguilar.

ALP President James Kevin Ty presents ALP 10 Year Service Award to ALP founder Charito Ty.

ALP  VP Jett Aguilar presents ALP 10 Year Service Award to President James Kevin Ty.

ALP President James Kevin Ty presents ALP 10th Year Anniversary Yearbook to ALPers.

Group Shot

Wacky Shot ! Happy 10th Year Anniversary ALPers !!!





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