April 6, 2013 ALP StarPeace with GAM 2013 Jupiter & Saturn Watch
by James Kevin Ty

Last April 6, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines went to Rajah Sulayman Park at Baywalk to conduct a free public viewing session to celebrate the StarPeace with Global Astronomy Month Jupiter and Saturn Watch.  ALP is also coordinating with Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Astronomy Society to conduct this events as both countries are under segment 2 of 30 nights of StarPeace Project. Members who were present to help were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; ALP Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances ; ALP Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan , Gary Andreassen with wife Irma Andreassen; Mike Enage, Per Edman with son Oliver; Mark Vornhusen and wife Arlene Vornhusen.

James brought along Meade 8" f/10 SCT on Vixen GPDX mount ; Per with Orion XT6 dobsonian reflector ; Louie with Celestron Powerseeker 80 refractor with EQ-1 mount and Mark with WO 66SD refractor on sturdy tripod.  They started out at around 7:30pm  and initially pointed their telescopes to planet Jupiter and its 4 Jovian moons.  They later pointed some of the telescopes to the beautiful ring planet Saturn with was rising from the eastern horizon.  James was able to let the viewers get a good view of Saturn at 510x under fair seeing for free and most of them got blown away with the beauty of Saturn as it looks very 3D and like floating in space!!!

Mark was able to show the viewers some low power views of M42 Orion Nebula as well!  More than 250+ people were able to get their chance to view the 2 gas giant up close and personal that evening.  AT around 10:00pm.  They had their traditional group shot taken before packing up their telescopes and went to Jollibee for late dinner while also using the time to discuss preparations for next day's GAM SUNday solar observations at the same site.

ALPers Mike Enage & Per Edman beside the Orion XT6 dobsonian reflector.

A father helps his daughter take a peep at planet Jupiter.

More than 250+ people were able to get a chance to view planets Jupiter and Saturn for free!

ALPer Mike Enage guide the viewers while they look at planet Jupiter.

ALPer Christopher Louie Lu is all smile as he guide the viewers on what features to see on Jupiter.

ALPers Mike Enage and Mark Vornhusen are busy guiding the viewers to their telescopes.

Wow! Great views of planet Saturn at high magnification !

ALPer Andrew Ian Chan used his Iphone to image Saturn afocally.

ALPer James Kevin Ty shows KC the beautiful ring planet Saturn............  AWESOME !!! :)

Posing times for ALPers Mark Vornhusen, Mike Enage, Gary Andreassen and Per Edman!

Group Shot

See you at tomorrow's GAM SUNday solar observation !!!



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