December 9, 2012 ALP General Meeting / Election / Xmas Party Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by Jett Aguilar

Last December 9, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held their general meeting / election / xmas party at Manila Planetarium. Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty, wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; VP Jett Aguilar, Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances Lu; direc Auditor Edgar Ang, directors ; Rich Pijuan and friend Imee BinzaJohn Ray Cabrera, Christopher Lee and wife Sandra Lee; Gary Andreassen , wife Irma and Steinar Andreassen  ; Mike Enage , Arnel Campos and wife Michelle Campos; Joshua Herrera, Kristine Joy Perez, Marv Gulapa, Mark Ian SIngson and Cristina; Vincent Gella, Alberto Lao and wife Nonie ; Reuel Norman Marigza, Miguel Cajita with parent Mel and sister Trisha Cajita; Ronald Sison with wife Adriel, children Adrian, Aleecia and Aldrin;  Bel Pabunan , Nel Lagda,  Mark Vornhusen, and newest ALPer Per Edman and son Oliver Edman.

At around 12:30pm, members started to arrived and also brought along their pot luck foods to share with fellow ALPers. This was followed by an opening prayer by ALP director Rich Pijuan before they started their bountiful lunch :)  Memebrs also started to renew their membership as well as cast their ballot for this year's new set of board of directors.  This was conducted by ALP auditor Edgar Ang. 

At around 1:30pm, they started their annual Astro Bingo Game with the grand prize of a Celestron 15x70 binoculars.  Also at stake were Celestron FirstScope Accessory Kit, Celestron Red Flashlight.  For the warm up games, a NASA tumbler courtesy of ALP director John Ray Cabrera ; Celestron bonnets, portable foldable binoculars courtesy of Cutting Edge and a pack of White Coffee courtesy of ALPer Jerod Soriano were at stake :)

ALP President James Kevin Ty and Secretary Christopher Louie Lu officiated the ALP Bingo games.  Participants were asked to pick a set of bingo cards of their choice before the games begin :)  As for the warmup games, winners were ALPer Mike Enage &  Kristine Joy Perez.  This was followed by a Celestron red flashlight won by ALPer Mark Ian Singson who needed to break the tie between him and Chris Lu's daughter Frances via a high bingo number draw.  The Celestron Firstscope Accessory Set was won by Nonie Ong Lao, the wife of ALPer Albert Lao, whom were celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary that day as well :)  Congrats Albert and Nonie!

Last but not the least is the final game which features the grand prize of a Celestron Sky Master 15x70 binoculars.  To win this game, the first to complete their bingo card completely (blackout) wins the top prize and the winner of the grand prize goes to ALP youngest member Miguel Enrique Cajita!  Congratulations!  Hope it will help me increase his observing skills with his new binoculars :)

ALP Auditor then handed out the election results for the new set of ALP board of directors for 2013 and elected were re-electionist ALP VP Jett Aguilar, PRO Armando Lee, Alfonso Uy and new newest board of director Arnel Campos.

The activity ended at around 5:00pm.


Bountiful pot luck food brought along by ALPers to share with fellow ALPers.

Opening prayer was lead by ALP director Rich Pijuan

ALP Auditor Edgar Ang handles the registration and membership renewals as well as election booth.

ALP directors Rich Pijuan and James Kevin Ty welcome newest ALPer Per Edman and his son Oliver to ALP!

ALPer Alberto Lao and wife Nonie 22nd wedding anniversary coincide with ALP General Meeting bit were able to still attend.  Congratulations Albert and Nonie!

ALP President James Kevin Ty and Secretary Christopher Louie Lu leads the preparation for the ALP Bingo Games.

ALPer Mike Enage received a Celestron Bonnet and foldable binoculars for the first warmup game prize.

ALPer Kristine Joy Perez received a Celestron Bonnet , foldable binoculars and NASA tumbler for the second warmup game prize.

ALPer Joshua Herrera received a Celestron Bonnet, foldable binoculars and a bag of white coffee for the third warmup game prize.

ALPer Norman Marigza received a Celestron Bonnet and foldable binoculars for the consolation last warm up game prize.


Hey, this leftover plastic NASA bag will do fine for me as consolation :) LOL

The first major Bingo prize for a Celestron Red Flashlight got a dual winners in ALPer Mark Ian Singson and Frances Lu. They needed to break the tie via a high bingo number to be the winner.  Good luck!


ALPer Mark Ian Singson got the high Bingo number to claim the Celestron Red Flashlight.

ALPer Albert Lao's wife Nonie won the 2nd Major Bingo Prize of a Celestron Firstscope Starter Accessory Set.

ALP youngest member Miguel Enrique Cajita won the Grand Bingo Major Prize of a Celestron Sky Master 15x70 binoculars !!!

Winners take a group shot and proudly showing their prizes :)

Group Shot

Merry Christmas and a Happy ALP Year to all !!!




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