May 21, 2012 ALP Luneta Partial Solar Eclipse Report
by Gary Andreassen
Images by Jan Karlo Hernandez , Andrew Ian Chan, Bernice Viola Chan, Gary & Steinar Andreassen

To document the 2012 Partial Annular Solar Eclipse, ALPers Andrew Ian Chan, Berenice Viola Chan , Jan Karlo Hernandez and dad Junn;  and Gary and Steinar Andreassen all met up at the Manila Planetarium with Curator Bel Pabunan (and staff) at 5:00am on  May 21, 2012 (Monday). Loading up their astro equipment, they then headed for and setup their gear at the back of the Jose Rizal Monument at the Rizal Park (Luneta).

Solar filters attached and DSLRs mounted, when the sun rose at 5:27am, ALPers were ready and clicking away at their shutters. Sadly, the eastern horizon was blocked with a 10 degree obstruction so ALPers couldn’t take a crescent sun rising shot. There was also bit of a haze and cloud cover. None of these however hindered ALPers from documenting the event. If anything, the clouds actually allowed the taking of shots without solar filters and made for some spectacular shots. Also, the obstruction made for grand perspective shots.

“All in all, it was good day for astrophotography enthusiasts,” says ALPer Andrew Ian Chan with his SkyWatcher 80ED Refractor on a Vixen GP mount.  

Associated Press Video Journalist Joeal “Bogie” Calupitan was there to cover the event and interview ALPers. ALP got local (in print) and international coverage (on video) the following day as Bogie quoted ALPer Gary Andreassen as saying: “It’s amazing! We do this for the awe and it (the annular eclipse) has not disappointed. I am awed, literally floored.” The video interview can be viewed at this link

After some final shots documenting sunspots AR 1482 and AR 1484, the Luneta Team dispersed at around 8am.

Sunrise Partial Solar Eclipse

Maximum Partial Solar Eclipse via Solar Projection

Minutes past Maximum Partial Phase

Partial Solar Eclipse near 4th Contact

ALP / Planetarium Luneta Partial Solar Eclipse Team

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