May 21, 2012 ALP C6 Partial Solar Eclipse Report
by Armando Lee
Images by Armando Lee, Kevin Dagunan, Mia Lee , Christopher Lee & Sheldon Espartero

Last May 21, the ALP C6 Road Partial Solar Eclipse Team started from Malibay, Pasay and drove down to the Lower Bicutan  at around 4:45am and got to their site along C6 Road at 5:10am. It was partly cloudy and the Sierra Mountain range where the Sun and Moon is expected to rise from has clouds over it.

With the team were: Dr Armando Lee with his wife ALPer Myra Lee, ALPers Christopher Lee , Sheldom Espartero and Kevin Dagunan. Their set up included the following: a Personal Solar Telescope + GE digicam @ afocal set up, an 80mm f/5 achromatic refractor + EOS 350d @ prime focus, an 80mm f/7.5 ED refractor + EOS 1100D @ prime focus, iphone + 8x telephoto lens for twitcasting, 3 solar binoculars, and a welder's mask with grade 14 filter. The group missed the crescent sunrise over the Sierra Madre mountains and saw it 3 mins after sunset. The maximum partiality was imaged successfully and from them on , the sky participated well and gave the group chance to image the rest of the partial phases. Around 50 people from the site were able to view through the group's solar binoculars and welder's mask. The planned twittercasting did not pushed through because of poor mobile phone signal at the site. The group documented the eclipse as planned except for the twitcasting and also shared the views through the solar binoculars and welder's mask. Photos were twitted through twitter account: astrocamp_ph later on that morning when they finally left the site and got a better signal for Dr Lee's iPhone.

ALP C6 PSE Team waiting for the Sun to rise.

ALPer Christopher Lee all set for the eclipse :)

ALP PRO Armando Lee leads the ALP C6 PSE Team

Partial Solar Eclipse in Progress

Maximum Partial Solar Eclipse Phase

Partial Solar Eclipse in Ha wavelength






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