April 7, 2012 ALP Global Astronomy Lunar Week Stargazing Report
by Christopher Louie Lu
Images by Gary Andreassen and Christopher Louie Lu

The Astronomical League of the Philippines joins the world in celebrating the last night of Global Astronomy Month's Lunar Week by setting up their telescopes at Astrocamp Observatory Services, SM Mall of Asia, By the Bay, Pasay City. Member who participated are Christopher Louie Lu with his Celestron Powerseeker 80eq, Gary Andreasen and son Steinar with their Celestron C6N on a Orion Skyview Pro EQ5 mount  and Sheldon Espartero manning the Astrocamp's Celestron C11 gave Astrocamp paying patrons views of not just the Moon but also exquisite sites of Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.  With their set up just outside Astrocamp's perimeter, ALPers treat the public with lovely views of the full moon.  

Public viewing started at around 7:30 when the Moon appeared just behind MOA building complex.  There was at least 180 people who were catered before Christopher and Gary decided to take a 30 min break.  Public viewing resumed at around 10 pm where we expect to be done by 11pm.  Because of public interest and curiosity the viewing session finally ended at around 12 pm.  By then we realized that we catered to almost 250 people.   

More than 250 people got to observe the Moon, as well as the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

Wow!  The Moon view is awesome!!!

All scopes got long queues from curious people wanting to get a chance to get a glimpse of the Moon and planets.

ALP GAM Lunar Week Team Group Shot

The night ended with Christopher and Gary with son, Steinar taking a group picture in remembrance of this nights successful event.




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