March 4, 2012 ALP / AWB Hello Mars Stargazing Report
by James Kevin Ty

After the ALP monthly meeting last March 4, some members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines went to Rajah Sulayman Park to set up a free stargazing session in line with the joint ALP / Astronomy Without Borders project named Hello Mars!

ALPers who were there to facilitate the event were ALP President James Kevin Ty with wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole KC Ty; ALP NAW Chairman / Secretary Christopher Louie Lu, director Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Gary Andreassen with wife Irma and son Steinar Andreassen; Norman Marigza and Anthony Urbano.       

ALP President James Kevin Ty brought along the Meade 8" f/10 SCT while NAW Chairman Christopher Louie T. Lu with a Celestron Powerseeker 80mm refractor on a equatorial mount,  Gary Andreassen brought his 114mm reflector on a equatorial mount. Norman Marigza brought his Celestron Travel Scope 70mm refractor on sturdy tripod; Anthony Urbano brought along his Skywatcher 100mm f/9 ED refractor on Kenko NES mount.

After having a quick dinner, they started to setup their telescope around 7:45pm and aim on the night's main subject which is the red planet Mars.  More than  a 100 people were able to get a chance not only to view the red planet but also the Waxing Gibbous Moon,

After the stargazing session is concluded at around 10:30pm, all ALP members gathered to have their traditional group picture taken before they called it a night with a fulfilled feeling of being able to share the night sky to the people!

ALPer Peter Benedict Tubalinal: It's Mars Time !!!

ALPer Christopher Louie Lu aimed his telescope toward the red planet Mars!


Another ALP Father and Son tandem Gary and Steinar Andreaasen,  Way to go guys!

ALPer Norman Marigza is all smile as he was able to share his telescope view to numerous people at the park.

Newest ALPer Anthony Guiller Urbano beside his Skywatcher 100mm f/9 ED refractor on Kenko NES mount.  Welcome to ALP Eteny!

ALP's Messier Marathon King Peter Benedict Tubalinal show his observation skills as well  on planetary observation.

Peter:  Mars is the red bright dot over there! 

Viewer: Wow! I can see Mars with its north polar caps and Martian features!  Cool!

More than a 100 people got their chance to view Mars as well as the Gibbous Moon that evening!


ALP set up around 5 telescopes to share the beauty of the night sky to the people at the park!

ALPer Peter Benedict Tubalinal explains to the viewers on what is Hello Mars project that ALP had participated together with other astro communities around the world.

ALP Banner and Hello Mars mini posters were  setup to let the people know  about the event.

Wow! Astig! Ganda ng Buwan! (Wow!  Awesome! Beautiful Moon!)


Wow! The Moon is so beautiful !!!

Newest ALPer Anthony Urbano shows  his full support to ALP activities by joining and helping out in his first attendance as an ALPer!

ALP President James Kevin Ty posed beside Meade SCT and ALP banner. Nice combo :)

Pose muna before I view Mars :) LOL

Give me a second to center Mars on the eyepiece .

ALPer Anthony Urbano beside his friends and scope

Oh my God! I haven't seen that much details on the Moon  that close! Can almost feel as If I'm there on a spaceship hovering above the Moon!

Look Man!  I even got to have a Moon photo taken through my Ipod with the help of James!  You guys at ALP rocks!!!


Traditional Group  Shot

Wacky Shot !!!




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