January 28-29, 2012 ALP Stargazing Session Report
by James Kevin Ty
Images by James Kevin Ty  & Gary Andreassen

Last Jan 28, Some members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines which includes ALP President James Kevin Ty with wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole Ty; Secretary Christopher Louie , wife Karren and daughter Frances with ALPer Gary Andreassen & his family (wife Irma, daughters Sean Anrea, Jean Andre, son Steinar Gari and grand daughter Hailey)  went to Caliraya, Laguna to do some observations as well as try to recover Comet Garrad & Asteroid Eros. 

They arrive at the site at around 7:00 pm and had their dinner first before setting up their tents. In the early evening, one drizzle we're encountered by the group and they had to wait till around 11pm before they were able to start observing. both James & Chris started to give Gary some pointers on Astro equipment and observing tips. James brought sling his usual portable setup with Canon EOS 500D DSLR on Canon EF100-400mm  L lens on Kenko Sky Memo-R tracker. Gary brought along his 5" Kenko Newtonian reflector on EQ-2 mount. Chris brought his Canon EOS 450D DSLR with some lenses on sturdy tripod.

As the sky started to open up, James was finally able to polar align his mount and together with Chris, they worked  together to locate and image asteroid  433 Eros in the constellation of Sextan so that they can submit their images for parallax measurement  to The Eros Parallax Project.

Gary was surprised at the beauty of the night sky there and was able to see a lot of deep sky objects  and told  James he wanted to join again next session and now understand why some ALPers spend extra time and effort to go there to observe under dark skies!

Before morning break, James was also able to image Comet 2009 P1 Garrad in the constellation of Hercules.
h a contended heart that they had a great time together!

Asteroid 433 Eros  by James Kevin Ty

Comet 2009 P1 Garrad by James Kevin Ty

They  had their customary group shot taken before heading  home with a contended heart that they had a great time together !me w

ALPer Christopher Louie Lu help ALPer Gary Andreassen fix his damaged tent.

ALPers James, Chris and Gary discussed on astro equipment while waiting for the sky to clear :)

ALPer Gary Andreassen with son Steinar beside their Kenko 5" Newtonian reflector on EQ-2 mount.

ALPer James Kevin Ty posed beside his Canon EOS 500D DSLR on Canon EF 100-400mm L lens on Kenko SKy Memo-R Tracker.

Nice Stargazing Session!

See you there again next month!



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