December 4, 2011 ALP Annual Meeting Report
by James Kevin Ty\

Last December 4, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held their Christmas Party & Annual Meeting at Manila Planetarium despite hard rain  in some areas of Manila.   Members who attended were ALP President James Kevin Ty , wife Charito , son Kendrick Cole KC Ty & mom  in law Dolores Caballero,  VP Jett Aguilar, Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan, Secretary Edgar Ang, PRO Armando Lee, wife Mia and son Jason Lee,  directors Rich Pijuan , Christopher Lee & fiancee Sandra Torita, Special Events Chairman  Christopher Louie Lu, wife Karren and daughter Frances ;  Planetarium curator Bel Pabunan, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, wife and daughter Stephanie; John Ray Cabrera, Vincent Gella , Pia Cuarteros & daughter Christine Joanne ; Jake Sagun III, Arnel Campos & wife Michelle ;  Ronald Sison, wife Adriel and children Adrian, Aleecia & Aldrin Sison and Christelle Mariano.

Meeting started at around 12:00pm with ALP Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan starting to collect membership renewals as well as handle member's election for the 5 ALP directors for 2012.  Nominees for directors are ALP President James Kevin Ty, Secretary Edgar Ang, directors Rich Pijuan & Angie Carlsen, new nominees John Ray Cabrera, Christopher Louie Lu and Peter Benedict Tubalinal.

While they are waiting for members to arrive, a portable karaoke was also installed for members to enjoy singing and have fun. ALPers also brought a lot of food (pot luck) to share with fellow members!  At around 1:00pm, ALPer Peter Benedict Tubalinal lead the prayer invocation before they had their lunch while watching the program Mythbusters on the Moon Landing Hoax.  They were able to prove that American astronauts indeed were able to land on the Moon contrary to what the skeptics say.

Afterwards, ALP President James Kevin Ty and Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan proceeded to announce the start of the exchange gift program which was agreed upon by fellow members for this year's Xmas party in place of the traditional Astro Bingo session :)

After the exchange gift program, ALP PRO Armando Lee announced to fellow ALPers that Astrocamp Observatory will be the official observing site for ALPers to observe and document the upcoming December 10-11, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse,  Members are required to wear their ALP uniforms or bring their ALP ID to gain access on the observing area during the eclipse.

Abundance of food (Potluck) brought along by ALPers to share with fellow members.

Astro Kids swarm around the huge pizza brought along by fellow ALPer John Ray Cabrera! Yum Yum!!!

ALPer Peter Benedict Tubalinal leads a prayer invocation before the start of annual meeting and lunchtime.

ALPers lined up to feast on the delicious foods for their lunch.

ALPers also use the meet to socialize and get to know fellow members as well.

ALPer Christopher Louie Lu explain to fellow members on the Lunar Landing Hoax that skeptics try to spread and share an episode of the Mythbuster that confirm  American astronauts indeed landed on the Moon.

ALPers watch as Mythbuster team tested the claims of the skeptics and debunks their false allegations.

ALP President James Kevin Ty explains the mechanics of the exchange gift program as well as touch on the December 10, 2011 total lunar eclipse.

ALPer Christelle Mariano came all the way from Aklan just to be with fellow ALPers on the annual meeting! :)

ALP Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan helped out in distributing the exchange gifts to fellow ALPers.

ALP PRO Armando Lee conformed to fellow members on the official observing site for ALPers to observe and document the total lunar eclipse at Astrocamp observatory in SM MOA San Miguel by the Bay.

The ALP Muses

The ALP Hunks :) :LOL

The Energetic ALP Directors

Group Shot

Wacky Shot

After Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan count and tally the election results, the following winners for the 5 slots ALP directors for 2012 are as follows:

Ang , Edgar

Cabrera , John Ray

Lu , Christopher Louie

Pijuan , Rich

Ty, James Kevin

They will serve their directorship from 2012 to 2014.  on the other hand, 6th placer Peter Benedict  Tubalinall will fill in the remaining 2 year term vacated by former director Henry So.  They will join the current sets of directors for 2012:

Aguilar , Jett

Bata , Melisa

Chan , Andrew Ian

Lee , Armando

Lee , Christopher

Tan , Edward Eli

Uy , Alfonso

Congratulations to the new set of directors for 2012!  The meeting ended at around 6:00pm.

Traditional Group Shot

Wacky Shot !!!



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