June 16, 2011 ALP Total Lunar Eclipse Observation Report
by James Kevin Ty & Jett Aguilar
Images by James Kevin Ty , Jett Aguilar , Pejvac Parhizkari, Armando Lee & Iah Serna

Last June 16, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) observe the total lunar eclipse at AstroCamp Observatory in SM Mall of Asia San Miguel by the Bay.  Members who were present were ALP President James Kevin Ty, VP Jett Aguilar, Treasurer Andrew Ian Chan, PRO Armando Lee , wife Mia & son Jason Lee, directors Rich Pijuan & Christopher Lee & wife Sandra Lee, Iah Serna, Victor Espartero & son Sheldon Espartero, Pejvac Parhizkari, Kevin Dagunan , Arnel Campos & wife Michelle Campos  & Zareer Contractor.

James Kevin Ty brought along his Canon EOS 500D on Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS L lens with EF 1.4x II extender on Vixen GP-D mount ; Jett Aguilar brought along his Takahashi TSA-102 refractor with Canon EOS 50D on Vixen GP-D mount ; Andrew Ian Chan brought long his Skywatcher 80ED refractor with Canon EOS 500D on Vixen GP mount ; Armando Lee with his Celestron C90 Maksutov with Canon EOS 350D on Celestron ASGT mount ; Christopher Lee on William Optics Zenithstar 80ED refractor on Celestron ASGT mount ; Kevin Dagunan on Orion Apex 127 Maksutov on Celestron ASGT mount ; Victor Espartero on William Optics 66SD refractor on EQ-1 mount; Rich Pijuan with Celestron C90 Maksutov with Canon EOS 550D on sturdy tripod ; Arnel Campos on Celestron Powerseeker 127mm Newtonian reflector on EQ-1 mount .



Jett Aguilar beside his Takahashi TSA-102 refractor on GP-D mount.

Pejvac Parhizkari beside his William Optics Zenithstar 70ED refractor on Takahashi Sky Patrol 2 mount.

Christopher Lee is adjusting exposure of his webcam installed on William Optics Zenithstar 80ED refractor on Celestron ASGT mount while Victor Espartero looks on.

Kevin Dagunan beside his Orion Apex 127 Maksutov on Celestron ASGT mount.

Victor Espartero (left) and his son Paolo beside William Optics Zenithstar 66SD refractor on EQ-1 mount.

Armando Lee beside his Celestron C90 Maksutov on Celestron ASGT mount.

James Kevin Ty beside his Canon EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS L lens with EF 1.4x II on Vixen GP-D mount.

Andrew Ian Chan (right) and Iah Serna (left) beside his Skywatcher 80ED refractor on Vixen GP mount.

Rich Pijuan beside her Celestron C90 Maksutov on sturdy tripod.

Arnel (left) and Michelle (right) Campos beside their Celestron PowerSeeker 127 Newtonian refractor on EQ-1 mount.

Jett Aguilar being interviewed by ABS-CBN crew.

Armando Lee (left) and James Kevin Ty (right) being interviewed by ABS-CBN reporter.

Penumbra started at around  1:24am but it was around 1:45am that they were able to start detecting the slight hint of penumbral shading though their images but visual shading started at around 2:15am. Umbra started more or less around 2:25am and the magnificent 3D view of the penumbral and umbral shadings were a sight to behold as the umbral shadings progressed. Midway through totality, one can see the bright coppery orange tint on the penumbra area as early as 2:50am.  As it enters totality at around 3:23am, the eclipsed Moon shows a bright orange tint in the early stage of totality . 

As it progressed towards maximum totality at around 4:13am, the bright light orange tint started to dimmed a bit and becomes dull orange through visual observation with naked eye, binoculars and telescopes.  Using telescopes and camera  lenses exposed for longer duration, the images came out as dark red orange which most of the people referred to it as the "Red Moon."  By this time, stars started to be visible as the  ALPers were able to witness 2 lunar occultation of HIP85703 and another magnitude 8 star.  ALPer Pejvac Parhizkari was able also to image a wide angle shot of the eclipse to include the Milky Way! Estimated  Danjon scale for this eclipse is more or less around 2.5 as amid its dull red tint, James reported that he can still see it through his camera viewfinder.

ALPers were able to observe the eclipse till around 5:00am before the Moon got covered by thick haze in the SW horizon.   They then started to packed up their equipment as well as get a customary group shot before they go home to get some rest as well as report for work :)  Aside from this, ALPers Armando Lee and James Kevin Ty were also interviewed by ABS-CBN news reporters.




Group Shot

Till Next Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011 !


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