April 30 - May 1, 2011 ALP Astro Gallery
Caliraya , Laguna
Images by James Kevin Ty, Pejvac Parhizkari, Armando Lee , Christopher Louie Lu , Arnel Campos  , Andrew Ian Chan,  Jett Aguilar

Below are images taken by members of Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) .  All images herein are property of the society and its members and guests. Written permission is required to use any of the images below.  Please email us in case you need to do so. Thanks.

James Kevin Ty

Coal Sack Dark Nebula in Crux

NGC 6334 Cat's Paw Nebula in Scorpius

NGC 6357 Lobster & NGC 6334 Cat's Paw Nebula in Scorpius

Crescent Moon with Earthshne

Crescent Moon with Venus and Mercury


Pejvac Parhizkari

Orion Setting

Summer Milky Way above lighted cottages

Summer Milky Way above Caliraya Lake


Armando Lee

NGC 5139 Omega Centauri Globular Cluster in Centaurus

M8 Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius

M13 Hercules Cluster in Hercules

M17 Swan Nebula in Sagittarius

M20 Triffid Nebula in Sagittarius

Double Star Albireo in Cygnus

Vega in Lyra


Christopher Louie Lu

Summer Milky Way

Arnel Campos

Centaurus / Crux Region



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