February 23, 2011 Philippine Astronomy Convention 2011 at Rizal Technological University Report
by Armando Lee
Images by Christopher Louie Lu and Myra Lee

The ALP 3rd Philippine Astronomy Convention 2011 (PAC) made its way to Rizal Technological  University last Feb 23, 2011 when IoA ALP Director Dr Armando Lee delivered a lecture entitled "Search for ET" to around 50 students of RTU and some 12 students from St Benildo of Antipolo City which was headed by their professor Renato Dela Pena. The lecture started at 6:30pm and ended at 8:20pm. Covering a wide range of subtopic from How Life Emerged on Earth to How the Search for ExtraSolar Planets Are Done to What Man Needs to Do if ET Signal is Detected. The lecture is one in the series of lectures in line with the celebration of the National Astronomy Week 2011. This series of lectures is the country's first industry-sponsored event being sponsored by Cutting Edge - the official exclusive dealer of the high quality Celestron telescopes in the country

ALPer Armando Lee give a lecture entitled "Search for ET."

More than 60+ students attended the lecture given by Armando Lee.

One of the many ALP PAC2011 Banners  posted on different area of the the university.

Very nice facility inside the RTU Astronomy Center

Students listen attentively on Armando's interesting lecture.

Armando and his lovely family were there at RTU to support his lecture.,

Students of St Benildo of Antipolo City posed with ALP's  Armando Lee and Chris Lu.


Some RTU Astro Soc members posed with ALPers Armando , Myra  and Jason Lee.

Wacky Shot from the students of St Benildo of Antipolo City !

Some RTU Astro Soc members posed with ALPers Armando Lee and Christopher Louie Lu.

For more images of the PAC2011 at RTU, click here.



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