by Henry So
Candaba , Pampanga

Last May 16, 2010,  Astronomical league of the Philippines set up 3 observing groups to observe and document the Venus Moon occultation.

The ALP Candaba Team consisting of Henry So, Tommy Tan and Tommy’s friend Rose went to Candaba Pampanga. They left manila around 2:30pm and arrived at Candaba at 4:30pm. Still early at the time of arrival, the group decided to take a rest and do some nature watching. The sky is clear and it’s very hot. At around 6pm they started to check on a possible good spot to set up their equipment and have a little snack.

At 6:15pm they were able to find a good spot besides the rice field where the western view is visible down to 1 degree.  There they set up their twin WO ZS 80 II refractors and a point and shoot camera on photo tripods  and Vixen Porta mount. The group started to view planet Venus and Moon using their telescopes while waiting for the sky to get dark. At 6:40pm Henry started to attach his camera to the telescope in preparation of taking some photos. Rose used her camera to zoom in too to take some photo while Tommy stayed on visual to help them on checking the time of disappearance (Ingress).

By 7:36pm Ingress was observe and documented at Candaba, in approximately 2 minutes Venus disappear at the back of the moon. The group then focus their attention to check on other deep sky object like Omega Centauri and M44.

Five minutes before the scheduled reappearance, they started to take photo again and around 8:16pm Venus reappears and the Moon is already yellowish red and boiling due to it’s very low position. Just after Venus’ total reappearance the moon was block by thin clouds near horizon. Luckily the occultation event is already finish.


Ingress 7:36PM PST


Egress 8:16 PM PST

Ingress Video

Egress Video


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