ALP November 8, 2009 Meeting Report
James Kevin Ty


Last November 8, 2009 , ALP held its monthly meeting at Manila Planetarium. ALP members who attended the meeting were are Angie Tan, Henry  ALP President James Kevin Ty and his son Kendrick Cole (KC) Ty, Armando Lee, Bel Pabunan, Vincent Lao, Brian Davis, Edgar Ang, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Desiree Del Rosario, Tommy Tan, Rome Candaza and his brother Arjay, Christopher Lee, Wilbert Palma, Rosalyn Penol, Mark Anthony Honrade, Aldrin Palacio, new member Alvin Criss & Larraine Criss, guests Mark Ian Singson, Sandra Torita, Jimel & Jomil Amgob.

 The meeting started at around 3:15pm with ALP president James Kevin Ty introducing the lecturer of the day, Educ Chairman Armando Lee who discussed a very interesting topic entitled " The 2012 End Of The World (EOTW) Controversy." Armando first detailed out some of the old "EOTW" predictions which were all proven false.  He then touched on the latest EOTW predicted dates which were September 10, 2008 & December 21, 2012.

The September 10, 2008 being the actual testing date of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) , the world's largest particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland, which  was initially believed to  trigger the creation of a microscopic black hole that would have suck  the surrounding matter faster and faster until it devoured our planet Earth , unfortunately didn't happen..... so goes the EOTW scenario :) LOL

The next most controversial EOTW date shall happen on December 21, 2012 in which the Mayan calculated that the current cycle of the world is due to end on that date.  The problem here is that the end of the current cycle of the world mean involving the end of the world......

Another angle is that the 2012 end date coincides with the galactic alignment of the winter solstice Sun and the axis that the modern astronomers draw to bisect our Milky Way, called the galactic equator,  It also means the any person looking at the Sun on December 22, is also looking toward the core of our Milky Way, the place where astronomers say contains a large black hole with a mass of more than 3 million times of that of our Sun.

Moreover, 2012 also coincides with the next expected start of the Solar Maximum cycle that might produces large solar flares that can affect our planet. 

With  all the above scenarios, what can be concluded that the EOTW will not happen this coming December 2012 because of the following:

1) Every December of each year, the Sun is always approximately facing the the direction of the center of our Milky Way, as seen from Earth.

2) Earth has been witness to several Solar Maximum and not each one ended the world :)

3) Con Men always try to use technical and sometimes meaningless phrases such as alignments, dark rift, etc to confuse and scare the public into thinking that they will happen!

4) Last but not the least, a calendar is just what it is, a calendar :)

After the interesting lecture by Armand, James took the floor and discuss the upcoming December ALP Annual Meeting which will be held on  December 13, 2009 (Sunday) 3:00pm at Manila Planetarium.  The following subjects were discussed:

1) All ALPers should renew their membership to continue the privileges they have with the organization.  Failure to renew will mean losing all the privileges that a member enjoys with the organization so James encourage ALPers top do their part as a responsible members.

2) There will be an election of directors in which fellow ALP directors Jett Aguilar, Alfonso Uy, Edward Eli Tan and Jomar Lacson will seek reelection to retain their position in the board.  ALPers who are qualified to seek election to the board this year are Armando Lee and Andrew Ian Chan.

3) Aside from planned parlor games and sing-alongs, a Bingo game will also be held with the final block-out game top prize might be a telescope or a Celestron Sky Scout at stake if we were able to get a minimum of around 40-50 participants.  ALPers can bring their family members and buy extra cards for them to get a better chance to win the top prizes.  The Bingo game will cost P500 with 4 games as well as inclusive of dinner meal that will be prepared.

4) ALPers are encourage to bring their scope so that they can share the night sky with fellow ALPers to enjoy the view of the heavens.

The meeting ended at around 5pm.  ALP will also take this opportunity to welcome our newest ALPer Mr. Alvin Criss!


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