July 22, 2009 ALP Total Solar Eclipse Expedition To Wuhan, China
by James Kevin Ty & Francisco Lao, Jr.
Images by James Kevin Ty  , Jett Aguilar,  Francisco Lao, Jr., Andrew Ian Chan , Chang Guo Qiang





ALP Wuhan TSE team members had an early heavy breakfast  and then checked out of their hotel at around 8:00pm and proceeded to the airport.  They arrived at the airport at around 9:00am and checked in their luggage and waited for the flight to Manila via Xiamen at around 11:45am.  They departed Wuhan at around 11:45am and arrived in Xiamen at around 1:00 pm.  With their connecting flight to Manila at 7:55pm, ALPers James Kevin Ty, Andrew Ian Chan, Berenice Viola Chan and Mam Elaine Chong opted to go visit downtown Xiamen where SM is located to buy some small souvenir and gifts for their friends and relatives.  ALPers Jun, & Jett as well as Zed opted to just stay at the airport instead.

SM Xiamen is just about 15 minutes away from the airport.  When they arrive, James and Andrew went separate ways with Berenice and Mam Elaine to hasten their window shopping there. They should be back to the airport at 5:00pm so that they can checked in their luggage.

ALPers relaxed as they waited for boarding time.

ALPers had landed at  SM Xiamen

ALPer Andrew Ian Chan posing beside several economical telescopes that can be found inside an electronic shop inside SM Xiamen.

ALPer James Kevin Ty checked out various Canon  cameras and lenses at an electronic and photographic store in SM Xiamen.

SM Xiamen is totally different from what we normally know of the many SM malls in Manila.  First of all, instead of the main department store being handled by SM themselves, they opted to give it to to handle by Laiya. The usual SM owned supermarket is operated by Wal-Mart. 

After all the team members meet up at the departure area, they departed from Xiamen to Manila at around 8:20pm after a 30 minutes delaand arrived in Manila at around 10:20pm.  After clearing customs and immigration,  the team members thanked each other for a great eclipse expedition trip before going their own ways back to the comfort of their homes.

Lastly, the ALP Wuhan TSE team would like to thank Canon Philippines for lending them Canon hi-end DSLR as well as lenses and video camera  and provide some vest and caps for the research team.  Many thanks also to Molecules and Ideal Vision for their great support as well.  Without their help, the expedition would not have been that successful.



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