ALP July 12, 2009 Meeting Report
by James Kevin Ty


Last July 12, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held its monthly meeting at the Manila Planetarium.  Members who were present that day were James Kevin Ty , Charito Ty & son Kendrick Cole (KC)  Ty, Jett Aguilar, Angie Tan,  Melisa Bata, Armando Lee, wife Mia and son Jason, Tommy Tan,  Dennis Buenviaje , Henry So, Bel Pabunan, Andrew Ian Chan, Vincent Lao, Rome Candaza & brother Arjay Candaza , Wilbert Palma, Joanna Erika Valdueza, Ava Guerrero, Roldan de Guia, Rosalyn Penol, Mark Anthony Honrade, and guest Vividiana Balbuena  Frank Carlsen and  Edward Von Deleis.

Meeting stated at around 3:30pm with ALP President James Kevin Ty giving another more detailed powerpoint presentation on the July 22, 2009 Total Solar Eclipse  in China.  He also introduce the members of the main Wuhan team members which composed of 13 members and guests, while 3 will go to She Shan, Shanghai, 2 to Hangzhou and 1 ALPer joining UP-Astrosoc to Shanghai as well as 2 to Jiaxing.

Expedition team leaders of each site gave a account of what they plan to do during the eclipse while ALP President James Kevin Ty designated ALP Treasurer Henry So to be the Manila coordinator for the partial solar eclipse that ALP will setup at PAGASA Observatory in UP-Diliman, QC.

Previous eclipse slides and images as well as others taken by various amateur astronomers around the world were shown by James to et the members get a feel of what they will expect if they join an expedition team to a total solar eclipse.  With everything ready and accounted for from tickets and equipment, James wished all the ALP teams clear skies on E-Day!

The meeting ended at around 5:30pm.


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