ALP Astrophoto Exhibit at Manila Oceanarium
by James Kevin Ty


Astro-imagers from the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) have join the photo gallery exhibit entitled " Eyes Wide Open : Perspectives" at the Manila Oceanarium near Quirino Grandstand starting May 25, 2009.  The event also features some of the best images from photography clubs in the country.  The event will be open from May 25-31, 2009 between 9:00am-8:30pm. Admission to the photo exhibit is free and is located at the center hall of the venue.  The event is organized by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF)

Last May 29, ALPers James Kevin Ty & son KC and Alberto Lao drop by the Manila Oceanarium to check out the FPPF sponsored photo exhibit. They were able to view some of the best images taken by various photo enthusiasts around the country.

ALP joins FPPF Photo Exhibit at Manila Oceanarium

ALPer Alberto Lao went with ALP President James Kevin Ty to the venue to view the astrophotos taken by members of the ALP.

This is the first photo exhibit that was participated by the ALP together with the photography clubs of the country.

ALP Astrophoto Gallery was unique as it showcase some of the best astrophotographs taken by members of the organization.

ALP also use that opportunity to promote its activities and invite astronomy enthusiasts to join the organization.

A mother and son tandem casually view the photo exhibits taken by ALPers as well as other photography clubs.

A wide angle shot of the entire photo exhibit area at the center hall of Manila Oceanarium.

ALP president's son KC took a shot of 2 of the many  astrophotographers of ALP as they finished viewing the photo exhibits.

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