ALP May 10, 2009 Meeting Report
by James Kevin Ty


Last May 10, members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) held its monthly meeting at the Manila Planetarium.  Members who were present that day were James Kevin Ty , Angie Tan,  Dr. Armando Lee, Vincent Lao, Tommy Tan, Henry So, Andrew Ian Chan, Dennis Buenviaje ,  Desiree del Rosario and  newest ALP members Aileen Rose Sasot and Ava Guerrero.

The meeting started at around 2:45pm with ALP President James Kevin Ty  welcoming and introducing  the meeting's speaker Dr. Armando Lee.   He first gave a power point  overview of what transpired during the 100 Hours of Astronomy as well SUN-Day which were celebrated by ALPers.

Afterwards, he then proceeded it with an interesting topic on the Solar System Exploration 2009: Spacecrafts & Probes.  It enumerated the various space programs that  are being planned by several countries.

Afterwards, ALP Messier Marathon Coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal summarized what transpired during the recent 3rd ALP Philippine Messier Marathon results.  Certificates were presented to the participants afterwards.

ALP President James Kevin Ty presented the Honorary Level Certificate to ALP MM2009 Coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal for logging a perfect 110 Messier objects during the 3rd ALP Philippine Messier Marathon Open.

ALP Educational Chairman Dr. Armando Lee accept the Messier Marathon Certificates on behalf of RTU students from ALP MM2009 Coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal.

Lastly, ALP President & Total Solar Eclipse Expedition leader James Kevin Ty gave an updates on the activities as well as training schedules that will follow starting this month till E-Day.  Among ALPers who had confirmed and booked their slots to the team were James Kevin Ty, Dr Jett Aguilar, Francis Sarmiento, Andrew Ian Chan, Dennis Buenviaje and brother Ryan,Alfredo Pascual, Dr. Armando Lee and his family as well as friend Bernie Esporlas, Jun Lao and Eric Africa; Christopher Go and Tomio Akutsu.

For those who want to join the team, kindly inform Eclipse Team Leader James Kevin Ty at (0917) 8559863 of their full intention to join the trip in China.  Details and plans of the eclipse trip is tentatively withheld for further announcements.  So do contact him to get to know on the eclipse trip.

The meeting ended at around 4:30pm.


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