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by James Kevin Ty &  Armando Lee

Images by James Kevin Ty

The Astronomical League of the Philippines held their monthly meeting on May 11 at the Manila Planetarium at 2:00pm.  Members who attended the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Angie Tan,  Bel Pabunan , Dr. Jett Aguilar, Vincent Lao, Alfonso Uy, Jomar Lacson, Melisa Bata, Dr. Armando & Mia Lee with their son Jason, Theodore Marc Gutierrez , Michael Manriquez , Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres and Omar Turqueza.

ALP President James Kevin Ty started the meeting by welcoming members and guest to the meeting.  ALP observation chairman Peter Benedict Tubalinal was supposed to do a basic lecture on Astronomical Terminology but had to beg off because he had a bad stomach  earlier in the morning of that day. Awarding of certificates for the recently concluded Messier Marathon was likewise postponed. ALP President James Ty proceeded with the meeting program by introducing the next speaker- Dr. Armando Lee.  Armand touched on two lecture topics that afternoon .  The first lecture was about his groupís astroimaging experience and trip last month in Baler, Aurora Province.  Based from the images he took, he estimated the sky darkness of the site to be around 9/10.  Although the road to the site was rough and bumpy, he said it was a very scenic drive with many attractions along the way (waterfalls and lakes) and well worth the trip. He expressed optimism that soon the road leading to Baler will be repaired soon and that he is looking forward to return to the site next year for another astroimaging session.

ALP members had a great time discussing what's the latest in Astronomy with each other.

Dr. Armando Lee gives an overview of what he will be lecturing that afternoon.

Dr. Lee gave an interesting  power point presentation on his astro imaging experience at Baler , Aurora last month.

Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres announced to fellow ALPers a new short course Astronomy Education program that can give you a Diploma degree

Afterwards, he gave a powerpoint presentation highlighting the BS Astronomy Technology course where he showed also some mugshots of class sessions showing students learning how to set up telescopes, imaging equipment, and cleaning/collimating optical instruments.  A rundown on the curriculum on BS Astro Technology at Rizal Technological University (RTU) was done using the website of the Astronomy Education Review. Together with RTU Vice President Dr Jesus Rodrigo Torres, they explained what comprised the 5 year course as well as the employment opportunities it will provide to the graduate of this course.

Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres also announced to fellow ALPers a new short course Astronomy Education program that can give you a Diploma degree.  It is also designed for busy people who don't have time to attend regular classroom sessions.  Initial proposal require applicants to meet at RTU to get the entire semester's assignments to be studied at home and meet with the teachers only once per month to submit their assignments. According to Dr Torres this plan will have to gain approval of the Board of Regents of RTU. The local astro community will surely welcome such offering in Astro Education. Even though its not a formal degree course it can be an avenue for those who might later pursue formal education in Astronomy in the MS Astronomy now being offered for BS degree holders in.

Lastly, ALP President James Kevin Ty together with ALP Ways and Means chairperson discuss the ALP 5th Year Souvenir Program Project with the members present at the meeting. Below are some of the finalities that were explained by them:

1) A hardbound edition was decided with 100 page content.

2) Dateline for submission of articles will be on July 15 while dateline for submission of advertisement shall be on July 31. Dateline for submission for printing shall be on August 15 and expected presentation of the ALP Yearbook will be on September 14.

3) Since this is a special event for the ALP, members are encouraged to help solicit at least 1 page of advertisement so as to help fund the expenses that will occur in the production of the souvenir program.  A free copy of the yearbook will be given to the member for free if he or she were able to help solicit for 1 full page advertisement.  A member will be obliged to pay P600 for a copy of the yearbook in case he or she wasn't able to help out on the yearbook.

4) Each member at the meeting were given 5 ALP brochures as well as 5 solicitation letter to help get sponsors for the project.  Any additional brochures and letters needed should contact our Ways and Means Chairperson Melisa Bata.

The meeting ended at 5:30pm.



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