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by James Kevin Ty 

Last December 16, ALPers attended their Monthly Meeting / Christmas Party and Election at the residence of ALP director Alice Villa-Real. Members  who were present that day were James Kevin Ty with wife Charito and son Kendrick Cole (KC) , Jett Aguilar with wife Angge and children Juliette and Jan, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan and nephew Kurt, Henry So, Angie Tan, Melisa Bata, Henry So, Nathaniel Custodio, Irving Raymundo, Brian Davis , Tommy Tan, Edgar Ang, Alexander Loinaz, Maximo Sacro, Jomar Lacson, Theodore Marc Gutierrez, Omar Turqueza and son Lance,  Mac Libid , Dante Cruz , and newest member Andrew Ian Chan.

H-Alpha solar observation was made but the Sun was a bit quiet that time showing just a few small prominences only.  :( The meeting started at around 12:30pm with members having a potluck lunch before doing meeting proper. Lots of food were brought by members.  ALP Secretary Alice Villa-Real lead an opening prayer and thank members for a productive season for ALP as well . As members were having a great time chatting with fellow members on latest news and observation,  ALP president James Kevin Ty welcomed Andrew Ian Chan as the 88th member of the society.


Members bow their heads as ALP Secretary Alice Villa-Real leads the opening prayer before the start of lunch.

ALPers lined up to wait for their turn to get the delicious foods brought along by them. Yum yum yum ! :)

ALPers chat about new equipment reviews, astro-updates as well as other stuffs as they were having their lunch.

Newest ALP member Andrew Ian Chan (in yellow shirt) enjoyed the company of fellow members as they made his first meeting with them a warm and happy one :)

ALPer Dante Cruz take a peek at the Sun through the Coronado PST-Ha. " Gee... not miuch activity on old SOL but i can still see a few small prominence though so that's still better than no proms :) LOL"

ALP ladies posed for a group shot during the meet. " Hey KC (little boy), you are not suppose to be in the group picture as it is exclusively for girls only!" :) LOL

ALPers posed for posterity during the ALP Christmas Party / Monthly Meeting / Election Day.  Not included in the pictorial were Jomar LAcson and Theodore Marc Gutierrez.

After they had lunch, members went to the registration booth and paid their renewals as well as cast their votes for the new set of 4 directors for the year 2008. Nominees for this year's election for directors were Melisa Bata, Brian Davis, Jomar Lacson, Elena Moya, Henry So and Peter Benedict Tubalinal.  ALP director and membership chairman Rich Pijuan handle the election returns while fellow ALP directors Melisa Bata and Angie Tan help handle the membership renewal.  After members had renewed their membership and cast their votes already, it was exchange gift time!  Members specially took note of fellow ALPer Brian Davis' gift which was an eyepiece and it was obvious that all were praying they will get the eyepiece as their gift :) LOL

ALP Vice-President Jett Aguilar then prepared for the 4th Astro-Quiz contest.  For info, Jett is the current Astro-Quiz champion for the past 3 consecutive years.  But since he got elected as a director last year, he is no longer eligible to defend his title anymore as that's the rule made by ALP.  ALP president James Kevin Ty has designated Jett to handle this year's Astro-Quiz so he can get some exposure to handle  the event as well as start to get some work load off the president's loaded responsibility :)

This year's participants were Edgar Ang, Dante Cruz,  Brian Davis, Theodore Marc Gutierrez, Mac Libid, Alexander Loinaz, and Omar Turqueza. The first round consist of 10 easy questions and the results were as follows:

Edgar Ang 5 *
Dante Cruz 5 *
Brian Davis 6 *
Theodore Marc Gutierrez 4    
Mac Libid 6 *
Alexander Loinaz 5 *
Omar Turqueza 3    

NOTE:  * Advance to 2nd Round

After the first round elimination, results above show Edgar Ang, Dante Cruz , Brian Davis, Mac Libid and Alexander Loinaz entering into the next round. It was supposed to only have 4 participants entering to the next round but Edgar , Dante and Alexander got tied for the last 2 slots so  James and Jett agreed and decided to let the 5 advance to the next round.

After the end of the 2nd round, the results were as follows:

Edgar Ang 5   
Dante Cruz 6 *
Brian Davis 6 *
Mac Libid 5   
Alexander Loinaz 2   

NOTE:  * Advance to Final Round

After the end of 2nd round, ALPers Dante Cruz and Brian Davis entered into the final round and after a tightly contested round, ALPer Dante Cruz emerged as this year's champion and the results of the final round were as follows:

Dante Cruz 3 *
Brian Davis 2    


One of the items that was for exchange gift was an eyepiece that was donated by ALPer Brian Davis.

Everyone was excited to draw  their gifts from the exchange gift session. Gee.... I hope I will be able to get the eyepiece! :) LOL

ALP Vice-President Jett Aguilar explain the rules of the 4th ALP Astro-Quiz to members and participants.

ALPer Jett Aguilar was the quizmaster for this year's Astro-Quiz as he was the 3-time Astro-Quiz champion for the past 3 consecutive years.

ALPer Brian Davis is this year's 1st Runner-Up at the Astro-Quiz contest and got a nice LED headlamp that was donated by ALPer Mac Libid.  Thanks Mac!

ALPer Dante Cruz is this year's Astro-Quiz champion and got a pair of binoculars for the being #1.  Congratulations Dante!

After the contest, ALP president James Kevin Ty announced the newly elected 4 directors for the 2008 and they were Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Melisa Bata, Brian Davis and Henry So. They will serve for 3 years and their terms will end in December 31, 2010.  Thus they will join current directors James Kevin Ty, Jett Aguilar, Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan, Angie Tan, Alfonso Uy, Edward Tan, and Raymund Sarmiento and Allen Yu (still awaiting his final decision to still be member of the board or Jomar Lacson , being in the 5th slot of this year's election, will replace him and serve his remaining 1 year term which will expired Dec 31, 2008.)

Then James gave a short powerpoint presentation on the activities and events that ALP had done and documented for the year 2007 .  Although meeting proper ended at around 5:00pm,  some members opted to stay longer and continue discussing at the sideline over coffee and cakes that were still aplenty.  Since majority of the board were present at the meeting, they decided to have a board meeting and elect the new set of officers as well as committee chairmanship for the year 2008.  Directors who were present were as follows:  James Kevin Ty, Jett Aguilar, Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan, Angie Tan, Melisa Bata, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, and Brian Davis so there was a quorom.  After the board meeting, the following were elected for the year 2008:

President James Kevin Ty
Vice-President Jett Aguilar
Treasurer Henry So
Secretary Alice Villa-Real
Auditor Brian Davis
P.R.O. Rich Pijuan
Board Members Melisa Bata, Raymund Sarmineto, Angie Tan, Edward Tan, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Alfonso Uy, Allen Yu* (till awaiting his final decision to still be member of the board or Jomar Lacson , being in the 5th slot of this year's election, will replace him and serve his remaining 1 year term which will expired Dec 31, 2008.)


Observation Peter Benedict Tubalinal
Instrumentation Raymund Sarmiento
Education Peter Benedict Tubalinal
National Astronomy Week Peter Benedict Tubalinal
Membership Angie Tan
Ways and Means Melisa Bata
ALPha Editor Francisco Lao, Jr.
Webmaster Jonathan Ty
Web Content Editor James Kevin Ty
ALP 5th Year Souvenir Program Francisco Lao, Jr.


More activity images courtesy of Mac Libid can be viewed here.




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