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by James Kevin Ty 

The ALP had their  monthly meeting last May 6th at the Manila Planetarium. ALPers who were present at the meeting were  James Kevin Ty, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Bel Pabunan, Nel Lagda, Tommy Tan, Dr. Jesus Torres and his son, Dante Cruz, Jomar Lacson and his wife Elizabeth,  newest members Charisse Baldoria and Omar Turqueza.

The meeting started at around 3:00pm with the usual H-Alpha solar observation with a Coronado PST telescope mounted on  a sturdy tripod.  The group was able to see a numerous  prominence near the AR953 sunspot group.  Although the weather was really hot that afternoon, the group nevertheless had a great time.

Then, they proceeded to the auditorium where ALP observation head Peter Benedict Tubalinal gave an interesting lecture on the origin of asteroids and comets.  He discuss the difference between the 2 objects as well as their composition, etc.  He later use a powerpoint presentation on how astronomers designate the official names of comets and asteroids.  He also describe how an asteroid initial designation are arrived and also show a list of rules that he use as well as some formula and equation to derived on its alphanumerical designation.

ALPer Dr Jesus Torres got his first Ha solar observation through the PST. "Pre, ganda ng mga prominences!!!"

ALP  newest member Omar Turqueza also got his first view of the Sun and is specially excited to see lots of prominences as well as the AR953 sunspot group.

ALPer Charisse Baldoria was escited to get also her first view of the Sun despite the very hot and humid afternoon weather that afternoon


ALP  observation chairman Peter Benedict Tubalinal gave an interesting lecture on the origin of the comets and asteroids as well as how astronomers designate their official names.


After a hot session outside observing the Sun, ALPers cool down and relax under the airconditioned auditorium to listen to Peter's interesting lecture.

After his lecture, Peter tested the member's understanding of his lecture by letting ALPers like Bel to try designating an asteroid based on some data given to her. A nice way to know if your audience understands your lecture or not.

Afterwards, ALP president James Kevin Ty then invited the members to join the May 12th stargazing session at PAGASA Observatory in UP-Diliman as well as the May 19th stargazing session at the dark skies of Caliraya, Laguna. Introduction of each ALPer were made so that new members will know the other members of the society.

At around 6:00pm, the meeting was adjourned.



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