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by James Kevin Ty 

The ALP proceeded with their April monthly meeting last April 15th at the Manila Planetarium despite a scheduled Caliraya stargazing session held  last night thus prevented many of those who join the overnight session to attend due to lack of sleep.  Several ALPers still attended the meeting. They were  James Kevin Ty, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Bel Pabunan, Tommy Tan, Rafael Lunar, and long lost astro-friend of James way back in the good old PAS days in the mid 80s, Richard de Dios.

Richard was able to find the ALP webpage when he was able to read our colleague Edwin Aguirre and Imelda Joson's news article on Asteroid Kintanar at the 3 big Philippine newspapers namely Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin.  Edwelda, as they are popularly called, have been generous enough to indicate ALP official URL http://www.astroleaguephils.org at the end of their article.  Richard then try visiting our webpage and got to see familiar faces at the ALP.  From there, he was able to contact both James and Peter two days prior to the  meeting.  From that point, there is no turning back for him to join the ALP without any hesitation :) LOL  Welcome aboard Richard! :) LOL

The meeting started at around 3:00pm with the usual H-Alpha solar observation with a Coronado PST telescope mounted on  a Vixen GP-DX equatorial mount to track the Sun.  The group was able to see a beautiful fountain (eruptive) prominence at the 9 O'clock position.  As the members' eye get acquainted to the red light , Peter noted that there are 2 more smaller prominences on the other side of the Sun's disk opposite the said prominence.  Although the weather was really hot that afternoon, the group nevertheless had a great time.

Then, they proceeded to the auditorium where ALP observation head Peter Benedict Tubalinal gave a short rundown on results and activities made by the group during the Messier Marathon event last month.  Afterwards, Peter then presented the Messier Certificates to the participants who were present on that meeting.  Among them were Tommy Tan, Rafael Lunar, Ma. Belen Pabunan, and last but not the least, the observation chairman himself who was able to complete the 110 Messier objects last March 17th.  On behalf of the ALP, congratulations to the participants.

ALP Messier Marathon Coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal presents Planetarium's Ma. Belen Pabunan her Messier Basic Certificate for logging 27 Messier objects.

ALP Messier Marathon Coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal presents ALPer Tommy Tan his Messier Basic Certificate for logging 30 Messier objects.


ALP Messier Marathon Coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal presents ALPer Rafael Lunar his Messier Challenging Level Certificate for logging 92 Messier objects.



ALP President James Kevin Ty presents ALPer Peter Benedict Tubalinal his Messier Honorary Certificate for logging the complete 110 Messier objects!


ALP president James Kevin Ty then made an overview of the other events that transpired last month like the elusive March 4 lunar eclipse whereas only James was  able to document it in Legaspi City.  The rest of the country were mostly clouded out.  He also mentioned the designation of Asteroid Kintanar by the IAU thus adding another stellar great to the ranks of Filipinos having their name designated to an asteroid!

At around 5:30pm, the meeting was adjourned.



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