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by James Kevin Ty 

The ALP hold their March monthly meeting on March 11th at the Manila Planetarium.  Present at the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Jett Aguilar, Alfonso Uy, Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Bel Pabunan, Tommy Tan, Kristy Anne Abello, Rafael Lunar, Theodore Gutierrez, guests Armando Lee, Bamm Gabriana and Rochelle Derilo.

The group started out at around 2:30pm with a solar observation session through a Coronado PST H-Alpha telescope mounted on a Televue Telepod.   Unlike the zero visibility of prominences during the last solar observation sessions during the NAW opening session, this time the Sun greeted James with a happy note with two big prominences that are visible at 1 O'Álock and 5 O'clock position as well as many small prominences around the Sun's limb!  When he inform the group of a good view, the group started to line up for their turn at the eyepiece.  Although the weather was hot, this didn't hamper their desire to view the Sun.


ALP VP Dr. Jett Aguilar was first to look at the Sun after ALP President James Kevin Ty announce to the group of a good view of the Sun under H-Alpha light!

ALPers waited patiently for their turn at the scope as Tommy Tan help shade the viewer against the Sun's glare for a better view of the prominences.

Dr. Armando Lee:  James, very nice view of the prominences! I need to order one of this for my solar observations too! :)



Bamm Gabriana here blocking the Sun's glare from his  wife to be Rochelle Derilo as she took some time to enjoy her view of the nice prominences.

Bamm:  Roch , hurry up!  Its my turn to look at the prominences! :) LOL


After half an hour of enjoying solar viewing at the front gate of the Planetarium, they packed up the solar scope so they can start the meeting proper at around 3:00pm.  This meeting's main program that afternoon is to orient the participants on the rules and guidelines of the upcoming March 17 ALP Messier Marathon at the dark skies of Caliraya, Laguna.  ALP Observation Chairman and Messier Marathon coordinator Peter Benedict Tubalinal was the main man to explain and guide the participants on the Do's and Dont's of the event.  ALP president James Kevin Ty then later touched on the logistics side of the event such as carpool, setup sites, etc.

Participants listens to Messier Marathon Coordinator Peter Tubalinal while he stress the importnat rules and guidelines of the event.

Messier Marathon Coordinator Peter Tubalinal was the lead speaker during the session as he tackle and hear suggestions also from the participants.


After the discussiom, important points were proposed:

1)  The original March 17th 1 day session will instead be made into 2 sessions on March 17th and 24th.  this was decided so as to accommodate willing participants who want to join the original 17th sked but are forced to withdraw because of last minute important appointments.  With this in mind, this will help all the participants to set their desired schedule at their own liking.

2)  Since there are 2 sessions that a participants can join, the higher number of Messier objects observe either of the 2 sessions will be considered official tally,

3)  Meeting point for the participants will be at Shell Magallanes at around 12:00pm so that the group can arrived at the observation point as early as possible so that they can take the time to rest as well as make final check on their equipment.

4)  Awarding of certificates will be given during April ALP monthly meeting.

After the important points were discussed, the meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.




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