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by James Kevin Ty , Allen Yu and Alexander Loinaz


Below are images taken last August 5, 2006. Please be patient as there are lots of images.  Enjoy!!!

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ALPers and guest exchange pleasantries as they wait for the program proper.

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Everyone are anxious and waiting for Christopher Go to give his lecture.

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Mirror , mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

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Dr. Caloy Arcilla and Dr. Bernardo Soriano exchange views on Physics and Meteorology.

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ALP's 3 Top Planetary Imagers are all smiles as they exchange their views on the latest planetary imaging techniques. (L-R) Dr. Jett Aguilar, Brian Davis and Christopher Go.

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Members of the PNU Astro Society were present to hear Chris' lecture.

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ABS Filipino Channel crew were there to cover the event as well as interview Chris Go.

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PAS president James Kevin Ty (2nd from left) posed beside the ALP Bulletin Board together with (L-R) ALPer Henry So, Peter Tubalinal and PAS member Dr. Armando Lee.

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ALPers chat as they await the program proper.

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Brian: Hey Chris, check out my new Canon LCD projector! Cool huh? :)

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(L-R) Tommy Tan and Dr. Armando Lee.   Who is the more handsome one?

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PAS officers and members were also present at the meeting. (L-R) Bamm Gabriana , Rochelle Derilo and Agnes Oclarit

060805_loinaz-g.jpg (89061 bytes)

ALP president James Kevin Ty (right) and undercover Brian Davis (left) seriously exchanging top secret informations on how to make ALP operate even better :) LOL

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ALP VP Alice Villa-Real lead the opening prayers before the start of the event.


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ALP VP Alice Villa-Real was also the emcee of the event.

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ALP VP Alice Villa-Real introduce the main speaker of the event, Christopher Go.


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ALPer Christopher Go lecture on the history of the Great Red Spot as well as Red Spot, Jr.

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An LCD projector was projected to the planetarium dome as Christopher Go use a powerpoint presentation to discuss the history of the Great Red Spot.

060805_loinaz-d.jpg (58775 bytes)

Christopher Go shows the crowd some of the latest images of Jupiter using observatory and Hubble Space Telescope and processed by him.

060805_loinaz-c.jpg (91643 bytes)

Dr. Bernardo Soriano (right) of PAGASA took advantage of the Open Foum to asked some questions on the Red Spot, Jr.

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ALP president James Kevin Ty presents to Christopher Go the 2006 Father Leo Boethin Astronomy Achievement Award for his for his tireless monitoring and imaging of the planet Jupiterleading to worldwide intensified study and further understanding of the planet's atmospheric phenomenon, particularly the Oval BA or Red Spot, Jr.

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ALP Treasurer Allen Yu accepts his 2nd Runner-Up trophy from the recent 2nd ALP 9 Ball Billiard Tournament from Planetarium curator Melchor Pilones.

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ALPer Henry So accepts his 1st Runner-Up trophy from the recent 2nd ALP 9 Ball Billiard Tournament from Planetarium curator Melchor Pilones.

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ALP president James Kevin Ty accepts his Championship trophy from the recent 2nd ALP 9 Ball Billiard Tournament from Planetarium curator Melchor Pilones.

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ALP president James Kevin Ty is all smiles as he won the ALP 9 Ball Billiard Tournament two year in a row.

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ALP president James Kevin Ty made closing remarks after the conclusion of the event and thank everyone who help made the event successful.

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ALPers and guests posed for the traditional group picture after the conclusion of the event. Click the picture for bigger image.


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(L-R) ABS-CBN Filipino Channel crew members Augustin Montealto, Elise Tuazon, Stephanie Rustia, Leslie Kay Kabigting, ALPers Alexander Loinaz, Hans Gideon Cerdenia and Peter Benedict Tubalinal.

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(L-R) Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Rochelle Derilo, Alvin Ramirez, Bamm Gabriana, Edgar Nuguid and Augustin Montealto.

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(L-R) ALPers Joey Grajeda, Dante Noche, Irving Raymundo, Joseph Torres, ABS-CBN lightmen JC and Henry Arellano.

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PNU Astro-Soc members Richard Deseo, Jonalyn Icuspit, Priscelda Villa, Karen Keith Rodulfa, Maria Fe Moraca and Andrea Jane Nilo.

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(L-R Seated)  Dondie Esteban, Wilbert Palma, Fermin, Christopher Lee, Elmor Escosia, Dr. Armando Lee, Brian Davis, Analyn Grace Domingo , Aileen Lynelle Espina , and George Toribio. (L-R standing) Henry So, Allen Yu and James Kevin Ty.

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(L-R seated) Angie Tan, Dr. Charito Ty, Rich Pijuan, Alice Villa-Real, Maximo Sacro, Dr. Martin Rillen Jr., Tommy Tan and Dr. Jett Aguilar. (L-R standing) James Kevin Ty, Christopher Go, Allen Yu and Henry So.

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ALPers visit Father Victor Badillo (center seated) at the Jesuit Residence after the meeting.


For full report of the event, click here.



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