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by James Kevin Ty

Last July 2nd, ALPers held their meeting at the Rizal 060702-e.jpg (104595 bytes)Technological University (RTU) in Boni Avenue near EDSA. Amid a much awaited boxing match between our local hero Manny Pacquiao and Mexican Oscar Larios that was telecast at the TV, this didn't prevent many ALPers from attending the meeting. Among those who were present at the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Alfonso Uy , Peter Benedict Tubalinal, Tommy Tan, Henry So, Jesus Rodrigo Torres, Greten Vicke Estella , Dante Cruz , Dante and Rosie Noche , Melisa Bata, Angie Tan and friend Susan Alado, , Joel Paul Munoz, John Lawrence Uy and guest Elmor Escosia.

The meeting started at around 1:45pm with new member Peter Benedict Tubalinal giving a very educational and informative lecture on the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Peter setup a powerpoint presentation to better illustrate the meteor shower event.  He also was able to show some previous Perseid records which shows the Perseids as a good shower for amateur astronomers to observe.  But the problem here in our country was that the August Perseids also fall victim to the rainy season of our country so at most times, the meteor shower is instead observed as rain shower :(

060702-g.jpg (71018 bytes)He also gives some tips on how to observe this event as well as how to properly document this event.  He also discussed to the members on how to differentiate the meteors observe whether it is a Perseid or a sporadic meteor. he then also discuss possible local recovery of meteorites here in our country.   Elmor Escosia, who happened to drop by the meeting after break period from his teaching class in RTU that afternoon, share his experience on trying to locate an actual meteor fall way back around 1999 in Bataan.  The local folks there told Elmor that they heard of a loud boom and some even say they saw the meteor gliding the sky more or less several kms above the ground with the estimated size of about the size of a tricycle.   Although the size was large based on estimate, the meteor was never recovered :(

After the lecture, James then inform the members that their August meeting will be at the Manila Planetarium.  During that day, ALPer Christopher Go will also be given the Father Leo Boethin Astronomy Achievement Award for his successful monitoring of the Oval BA that leads to worldwide scientific observation by both professional and amateur astronomers of the said storm.  Oval BA now is popularly known as Red, Jr.   The award is given by the ALP to an individual who have discovered or contributed greatly to a scientific research of a celestial object.

Afterwards, James also announced to the members the 2nd ALP 9 Ball Billiard Tournament which will be held on July 9 at Playdium Bowling and Billaird Center in Araneta Avenue in Quezon City at 1:00pm.  Participating memebrs will be defending champion James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Jonathan Alcartado, Henry So and Joey Grajeda.     James also thanked fellow ALPer Jesus Rodrigo Torres for  allowing the use of his office for the meeting. The limited ALP metal pin was also presented to the members. With the limited availability, the pins were like hotcakes and only a few pins are left.  Members who wants to get one can contact either ALP president James Kevin Ty at 09178559863 or Treasurer Allen Yu at 09163005630.  The meeting ended at around 5:00pm.



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