ALP Monthly Meeting Report


April 9,  2006

  by  James Kevin Ty



ALP held its March  monthly meeting  at the residence of colleague Rev. 060409-c.jpg (95848 bytes)Alice Villa-Real.    Members who were present were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Dante Cruz, Tommy Tan , Angie Tan,  Joseph Torres,   Melisa Bata, Lea Visaya,  Edmund Rosales, Jomar Lacson, Rafael Lunar, Max Sacro and Alexander Loinaz.

The meeting started at around 3:15pm with ALP treasurer Allen Yu giving a powerpoint presentation on "All About Meteorite."  He started to discuss on the different types of Meteorites that are found around the world.   He also discussed on some possible NEA (Near Earth Asteroids) objects that might be possible for impact on the Earth in the future.  He also explain on the history of comet or meteor impact that might have caused the 5 historical mass extinctions.

Allen brought some samples of his meteor collections that hehad collected over the years.  Members were awed by the different types of meteorites Allen had collected and some of them had their first time touching on a real meteorite in their whole life!  Former Planetarium curator Max Sacro also gave his insights on meteorites as the Planetarium had its own share of meteor collections as well.

Afterwards, ALP PRO Edmund Rosales gave a roundup report of what activities he made when he attended the Astronomy and Space Education Workshop that was sponsored by UNESCO and 060409-e.jpg (36707 bytes)Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA or NASA of Japan).

After a 10 minutes snack break, ALP president James Kevin Ty discussed the last month's astro activities as well as the upcoming astro activities and events for the month of April.  Some of the topics he discussed was an update on the upcoming April 14th Spica occultation that will be visible in the entire country, the recent AR865 sunspot group that was visible last week which led to 3 fellow ALPers James Kevin Ty, Jett Aguilar and Raymund Sarmiento's solar images being posted at the page for the past 2 successive days!  He also discussed the March 25th Caliraya Stargazing Session as wwll as the April 29th Pleiades star cluster's Occultation by the Moon in which majority of the ALP astro-imagers will be documenting this event at Caliraya as it coincides with ALP stargazing session also on that date.  Its like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone :) The meeting ended at around 6:00pm.




060409-a.jpg (46847 bytes)

Some of Allen Yu's Personal Meteor Collections




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