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July 31, 2005

  by  James Kevin Ty


The 1st ALP 9 Ball Billiards Tournament was held on 050731-c.jpg (384086 bytes)July 31, 2005 at Playdium Bowling and Billiards Corporation at Araneta Avenue, Quezon City.  Among the ALPers who participated in the tournament were ALP president James Kevin Ty, Treasurer Allen Yu, Jonathan Alcartado, Henry So, Raymund Sarmiento and Joey Grajeda.  ALPers Edgar Ang and Dante Cruz were there to watch and support the group.

Pre-game meeting to discuss the rules of the game was initiated by James Kevin Ty at around 1:30 to 2:15pm with fellow participants.  After all the participants agreed to the proposed rules.  Game proper started at around 2:30pm.

The 6 participants started game with a single round robin race to 3 match (Best of 5 series) elimination round that pitted each player against the rest of the group.  The elimination round took more than 3 hours to conclude because of quality skills being showed by the players! The purpose for the elimination round is to select the top 4 players that will advance to the semi-final round 050731-e.jpg (66386 bytes)wherein the score card will be reset and another round of race to 3 will be done by the 4   remaining players to determine who among the 2 of them will advance tot he finals for the championship match. after the gruelling elimination round, Allen Yu top the round with a perfect 5-0 win-loss score, followed by Jonathan Alcartado with a 3-2 score.   Henry So, James Kevin Ty and Joey Grajeda got identical 2-3 score while Raymund Sarmiento got a 1-4 win loss card :(  Since there were 3 identical 2-3 slates by Henry, James and Joey.  Quotient system was applied to break the 3 way tie by way of summing up the total wins made by each of the 3 members concerned.  Out  of the quotient system, Henry got 10 wins, James got 8 wins and Joey got 7 wins. So both Joey and Raymund were eliminated :( Allen was so dominant in the elimination round that he beat all the players with a convincing 3-0 and 3-1 wins!  So everyone were already expecting Allen to cruise through the semis to the finals without any problem at all!

The semi finalist started with Allen Yu, Jonathan Alcartado, Henry So and James Kevin Ty battling it out to see who among them will enter the finals. After an hour, James and Allen emerged with identical 2-1 win-loss slate while Jonathan and Henry got identical 1-2 slate.  Based from the win loss card, James and Allen moved into the championship round while Jonathan and Henry fight for the 2nd runner up.  Both rounds are played with a race to 7 (best of 13 series)

The championship round was a classic match!  Allen was ahead with a 3-0 win over James but missed the potential winning 9 ball shot in the 4th game that give James a lease of life with a win to make the score a 3-1 in favor still for Allen.  But lady luck suddenly turn to James with him compiling 4 consecutive wins to make the score a 4-3 in favor of James.  The next game was won by Allen again to make it 4-4! Then James again made another streak of wins to make the score 6-5.   James then make the next break with the 9 ball almost going in at the left corner pocket!  Allen then decided to make an intentional foul by pocketing the 9 ball near the pocket to lessen James chance to pocket it. Although the decision made by Allen was good, he made a big error in setting up for position for  the 9 ball and had to use a cushion in the hope that it will pocket the 9 ball but unfortunately, the cue ball missed hitting the 9 ball completely thus giving James a ball in hand option for him to seal the championship with came from behind win of 7-5 over Allen!  James was happy to win the championship because he fared very badly starting from the elimination round till the semi-finals round but was in time to get back to shape to secure the championship!   Better luck next time for Allen next year :)

Over at the fight for the 2nd runner up slotg, it was also a nail biter as both Henry and Jonathan fight it out till the 13th frame before Jonathan secure his 2nd runner up win over Henry to settle for 2nd runner up.

The awarding of the trophies as well as P1000 will be awarded tot eh winner during the August 7 monthly meeting at Alice's place.   Congratulations to James, Alen and Jonathan for winning the 1st ALP 9 ball tournament! More power!

050731-h.jpg (68300 bytes)



Allen Yu 3 - 1 Joey Grajeda
James Kevin Ty 3 - 2 Henry So
Jonathan Alcartado 3 - 1 Raymund Sarmiento
Allen Yu 3 - 0 Raymund Sarmiento
James Kevin Ty 3 - 0 Joey Grajeda
Jonathan Alcartado 3 - 2 Henry So
Allen Yu 3 - 0 James Kevin Ty
Joey Grajeda 3 - 2 Raymund Sarmiento
Henry So 3 - 1 Raymund Sarmiento
Allen Yu 3 - 0 Henry So
Jonathan Alcartado 3 - 1 James Kevin Ty
Allen Yu 3 - 1 Jonathan Alcartado
Raymund  Sarmiento 3 - 1 James Kevin Ty
Joey Grajeda 3 - 0 Jonathan Alcartado
Henry So 3 - 0 Joey Grajeda


*Allen Yu 5 0
*Jonathan Alcartado 3 2
*Henry So 2 3
*James Kevin Ty 2 3
Joey Grajeda 2 3
Raymund Sarmiento 1 4



James Kevin Ty  3 - 2 Henry So
Jonathan Alcartado 3 - 1 Allen Yu
James Kevin Ty 3 - 1 Jonathan Alcartado
Allen Yu 3 - 0 Henry So
Allen Yu 3 - 1 James Kevin Ty
Henry So 3 -2 Jonathan Alcartado


*James Kevin Ty 2 1
*Allen Yu 2 1
Henry So 1 2
Jonathan Alcartado 1 2



* Jonathan Alcartado 7 - 6 Henry So


*James Kevin Ty 7 -5 Allen Yu


CHAMPION James Kevin Ty
2ND RUNNER UP Jonathan Alcartado



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